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A person exerted a force of 810 N on a 7 kg bowling ball. If the force was extended through a distance of 2 m, how high did the ball go from the point of release?

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    Your throwing a bowling ball vertically upward? Not the optimal way to bowl...

    the easiest way to solve your question is to use the energy equations.

    The work done on the ball is F.d = 810.2 = 1620 J

    At top of flight the kinetic energy is zero, so all the energy is gravitational potential energy.

    mgh = 1620 J

    h = 1620 / 7 / 9.8

    h = 23.6m

    But you released th ball 2 metres up, so the ball will continue

    23.6 - 2 = 21.6m

    Above your head...a bowling ball! RUN!

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