Songs that have to do with parting ways with a friend?

The question pretty much explains itself.

Any genre i guess, just no country please. :)

Please and thank you. :)))

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    Back 2 Good (just posted parts of it)

    It's nothing, it's so normal you

    Just stand there I could say so much

    But I don't go there cuz I don't want to ...

    This don't mean that, you own me

    This ain't no good, in fact it's phony as hell

    But things worked out just like you wanted them to

    If you see me out you don't know me

    Try to turn your head, try to give me some room

    To figure out just what I'm going to do ....

    It's best if we all keep this quiet instead

    And I couldn't tell, why everyone here was doing me like

    They do

    But I'm sorry now, and I don't know how

    To get it back to good ....

    But it's over now, and I don't know how, yeah it's over now

    And there's no getting back to good.

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    Parting Songs

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    Michael W.Smith- Friends are friends forever

    Blake Shelton Goodbye time

    Conway twitty - don't take it away


    It's your life - you say you need a change

    Don't all the dreams we've seen come true mean anything

    You say it's different now and you keep staring at the door

    How can you walk away don't I matter anymore

    If being free's worth what you leave behind

    And if it's too late for love to change your mind

    Then it's goodbye time

    If we had known our love would come to this

    We could have saved our hearts the hurt of wasted years

    Well it's been fun - what else can I say

    If the feeling's gone words won't stop you anyway

    If being free's worth what you leave behind

    And if it's too late for love to change your mind

    Then it's goodbye time


    Packing up the dreams God planted

    In the fertile soil of you

    Cant believe the hopes hes granted

    Means a chapter in your life is through

    But well keep you close as always

    It wont even seem youve gone

    cause our hearts in big and small ways

    Will keep the love that keeps us strong


    And friends are friends forever

    If the lords the lord of them

    And a friend will not say never

    cause the welcome will not end

    Though its hard to let you go

    In the fathers hands we know

    That a lifetimes not too long to live as friends.

    With the faith and love gods given

    Springing from the hope we know

    We will pray the joy youll live in

    Is the strength that now you show

    But well keep you close as always

    It wont even seem youve gone

    cause our hearts in big and small ways

    Will keep the love that keeps us strong



    I been lookin' for you all night long darlin' you've got to talk to me

    I wanna tell you how wrong I've been and I won't do it again

    You know that woman didn't mean a thing to me

    I hope I don't embarrass you too much here in front of all your friends

    I'm gonna get down on my knees

    Please let me make it please I can't give you up

    Cause you've made love so good for me so long

    Don't take it away cause love don't come easy

    Darling I'm sorry I stepped over the line

    Don't take it away don't make me go crazy

    Cause I would follow you to the ends of my mind

    [ piano ]

    From now on I'm gonna be the kind of man that you can lean on

    And when the waters of life get a little too rough or a little too deep

    I'm gonna be your stepping stone

    And oh I remember all those nights that you used to take right a hold of me

    And you'd hold on

    Please let me make it...




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    If you listen to simple Punjabi songs then download the album Twelve of Bilal Saeed all the songs are like your problems only .I am also listening this songs daily night while I sleep because my sister is not talking with me from 8 months and until I meet her I have to listen

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    " Hit the road Jack ". That could apply depending on circumstances.

    Another song is titled " Me ". Two versions; one by Katharine McPhee, other version by Paula Cole.

    If the involved friendship is with a guy than listen to " Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergi. " It's personal, me, myself and I but I've got to move on with my life, center, clarity ".

    People are on each others soul path for moments, weeks, months or longer. Things happen as they do. Honor the experience for the gifts of lessons learned.

    Also have awareness to not maintain company with one who does not align with your basic core values. Those who at time say that they value, care and respect you; yet their actions and other words don't align with their words. Have awareness of the consistency of a person's character.

    However you handle your choices, remember only you know you best, stand in your power, know your personal boundaries and " part ways " when any relationship is no longer mutually honoring.


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    1 decade ago

    Bobby Jean - Bruce Springsteen

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    1 decade ago

    Friends - Michael W. Smith.

  • 1 decade ago

    Here's to the Night - Eve 6 (I think)

    Graduation Song/Friends Forever - Vitamin C

  • 1 decade ago

    Closing Time - Semisonic

    Great song!

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