Do you think that the Republican party destroyed this country? ?

Bill cleaned up the mess from GH Bush, do we need another Democrat to clean up after GW? Although this time it will take a lot more work.


Fannie Mae was created in 1938, under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, at a time when millions of families could not become homeowners, or risked losing their homes, for lack of a consistent supply of mortgage funds across America.

Update 2:

Company Bankruptcy

date Total assets


(in millions)

Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. 9/15/2008 $691,063

Worldcom, Inc.1 7/21/2002 $103,914

Enron Corp.2 12/2/2001 65,503

Conesco, Inc. 12/17/2002 61,392

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 4/06/2001 36,152

Texaco, Inc. 4/12/1987 34,940

Financial Corp. of America 9/9/1988 33,864

Refco Inc. 10/17/2005 33,333

IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. 7/31/2008 32,734

Global Crossing Ltd. 1/28/2002 30,185

Bank of New England Corp. 1/7/1991 29,773

Calpine Corp. 12/20/2005 27,216

New Century Financial Corp. 4/2/2007 26,147

UAL Corp. 12/9/2002 25,197

Delta Air Lines, Inc. 9/14/2005 21,801

Adelphia Communications 6/25/2002 21,499

MCorp. 3/31/1989 20,228

Mirant Corp. 7/14/2003 19,415

American Home Mortgage Investment Corp. 8/6/2007 18,829

NTL, Inc. 5/8/2002 16,834

How come all these were during Republican Tenure?

The Dems had a slight control of Congress for 2 years. This all started happening way before that.

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    Yes. In two primary ways:


    The Democrats definitely focus too much on the 'demand' side, and Reagan's support for 'supply side' economics worked. The problem is that there is no moderation from either side. Extremists rule, and that's what we have seen with the Republican dominance. The end result is rapidly making the USA a third world style and poor. GDP goes up but adjusted dollar salary for anyone working 40+ a week is dropping like a brick, since the 70's.

    Deregulation has also bit us in the ***. We can see it has destabilized our economy (from deregulating the mortgage industry). You could miss what it has done to media has dumbed us down. There used to be 1000's of sources of news in the there are about 5 (and there will be more mergers). Again, there can always be too much regulation.....but we can thank child labor laws and safe working places (as safe as they offense miners)....on regulation.

    Foreign Policy:

    America is at a crossroads. It has commanded over the world, and produced hegemonic stability (everyone knew the USA was the boss) since coming out of WWII. Many countries are up and coming though, and some or all of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, China, India) will likely blow past the USA at some point in many of our lifetime.

    So, a group of Republicans (incl. Paul Wolfowitz & Bill Kristol) created the PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY. This is what you'd call an extremist group....they figured the USA could maintain dominance into the next century if we could take over the Middle East by military force and control the oil the BRICS need to expand.

    Stupid on every level. So stupid, that Bush chose to apply what they wanted. The PNAC's members pretty much made up Bush's foreign policy / military command.

    So we got the war in Iraq....the biggest debacle since Vietnam, but worse, cause it's likely the 'jump the shark' moment you can point to as the downfall of the US Empire. It has bankrupted the country, destroyed all foreign support for the USA and destabilized an already shaky region.

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    That depends on what you compare it to. My understanding is that our goverment has little influence on it's people and businesses compared to maybe 85% of the other worlds goverments. Accourding to the index of economic freedom we are the 5th most free country out of about 160 courties. That's why we are one of the few countries were a lot of people aren't living in dirt huts. So my answer is dems or repulicans don't have as much influence as people tend to say they do.

    It's sad but only 7 countries are considered truely free, then only the next 12 are moderatly free, then it goes down hill from there as well as the poverty levels of those countries.

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    Yes, it's most certainly the Republican MO to spend, lower taxes, and deregulate. It's not entirely their fault that businesses are so anxious for short term profits (to pay for their CEO's enormous salaries) at the cost of long term sustainability.

    We do need a Democrat in office. The Democratic Congress has been held in check by Bush's vetos and Republicans' filibusters, both of which have been used a record number of times stopping actions by the Dems to halt rising fuel costs and enact items which may have averted this disaster on Wall Street. They obstructed in order to make the Dems look bad while the world fell because of the policies already set in place. Don't let their brainwashed followers fool you. This one falls squarely on the Neocons.

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    human beings overwhelmingly needed the Wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, we could desire to continuously get out as quickly as obtainable. you're suited that there have been undesirable judgements made, however the worldwide isn't an straightforward place with user-friendly solutions. The events do what they think of is sweet, from their point of view, and we as voters decide on the course that we expect of is ideal. the individuals who do no longer vote in this u . s . a . are people who destroy it, the very act of no longer vote casting makes one party win over the different. A non-vote is the comparable as a vote for whoever wins. companies provide money to whichever section will artwork for them, the individuals provide to who will artwork for them, that's the comparable difference.

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    Far from it. You have it very backwards. The chickens are just now coming home to roost from the changes in lending standards that the Clinton administration put in place.

    Some of the regulations trying to make loans more accessible to minorities and first-time home buyers put pressure on mortgage companies to make riskier loans, and some of the creativity just didn't pay off.

    Yes, W deserves part of the blame for not recognizing the signs and reversing the trends earlier, but it is mostly due to the gridlock in Washington DC and the liberals Dems wanting to make the current White House administration look as bad as they possibly could during the time leading up to the election.

    Nancy Pelosi et al are at the heart of much of the destruction!

    Obama would only make things worse--he is an extreme liberal Democrat to the point of socialism without a clue as to fixing the mess, and beholden to lobbyists and special interest groups who are completely tangled up in the crisis.

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    Not alone. Reagan began the deregulation and de-unionization craze, combined with appointees who were put in place to dismantle and profit from government, not to make it more effective and efficient. He also flouted the law by trading arms for hostages with terrorist Iran and violating the prohibition on providing weapons to the Contras. Bush I lied about his involvement in the Iran-Contra Scandal. Bush I continued the Reagan tradition, but without his dogmatism or charisma. Clinton signed off on a number of deregulation initiatives put forth by the then Republican-dominated Congress, including the deregulation of the mortgage industry. Unrestrained free trade was also a Clinton favorite, so he signed off on NAFTA, resulting in the subsequent transfer of numerous heavy manufacturing jobs and now more and more high-tech jobs being shipped overseas. Then there are rumors that Barney Frank held a gun to the head of the banks and forced them to make high-risk loans. I haven't been able to verify this, but it would further spread the blame. But all who came before are amateurs compared to Bush II and the see-no-evil Republcan-domintaed Congress. Under Bush II no merger has been too big to stop under monopoly laws, no windfall profit has been too large to warrant taxing, and no new security too risky to merit scrutiny.

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    The only thing good about GWB, are the jokes and political cartoons about him and his government. Nothing else. Read some of there and laugh a little. What else can we do??

    Bush's Propaganda Tour

    During a propaganda tour, President Bush visits a school to explain his politics to kids. He invites the kids to ask him questions. Bobby stands up and tells him "Mr. President, I got 3 questions":

    1. How come, that although the count of votes was not in your favor, you still won the election?

    2. Why do you want to attack Iraq without an imminent reason?

    3. Don't you also consider the bombing of Hiroshima the biggest terrorist attack of all times?

    Before the president can answer, the recess bell rings, and the kids leave the room. After they came back, Bush invited them again to ask questions. Joey stands up and tells him "Mr. President, I got 5 questions":

    1. How come, that although the count of votes was not in your favor, you still won the election?

    2. Why do you want to attack Iraq without an imminent reason?

    3. Don't you also consider the bombing of Hiroshima the biggest terrorist

    attack of all times?

    4. Why did the recess bell ring 20 minutes early?

    5. Where's Bobby?

    "President Bush's daughter Jenna was cited for underage drinking. That's too bad, when you see something like that happen. She was apparently slurring words, couldn't remember the alphabet. Oh, wait a minute. That's her father." —David Letterman

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    So my guess is you are about 22 years old. Since 1980 there has been a Republican in office all but the Clinton years. Clinton sat behind getting it on, and did nothing the first time we were attacked. So what happened, they came back harder and hit NY. Tell me what happened during Bush Sr years? Nothing. I was in the military under him and Clinton, and let me tell you Clinton downsized and took so much money from the Vets we had nothing, we left bases empty and left the rest of America vulnerable. More bases closed under Clinton than any other. Democrats have been in charge in Congress and look at the problems, or did you not know it is Congress that controls the economy, not the president? You didn't know that did you?

  • Sarah
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    LOL Bill Clinton didn't do anything. I am from Arkansas and he didn't do anything for Arkansas either that is why Hillery went to NY and ran for the senate there instead of Arkansas.

    Ronald Reagen did it all for our country and it took Bill Clinton two terms to tear up the good Reagen did. George Bush came in just as America was beginning to fall apart. He had a Democratic Senate that wouldn't pass anything he wanted passed. If you want to blame someone for our economy, blame the Democratic Senate. While your at it blame them to the high cost of gasoline. They won't pass a bill to drill for off shore oil or oil in Alaska so we are not depended on foreign oil.

    I do not understand them. Why do they want us to pay so much for gasoline when it is not necessary? Why do the Democrats want us to be so depended on foreign oil?

  • jo
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    1 decade ago

    They have certainly brought it to its knees. Unregulated market speculation caused by greed. We don't know who else will need a bailout until next week. I don't think it will be resolved. Who bounces back from a 700 Billion debt in 4 or even 8 years, no matter who is the leading the way.

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