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what to ane K.C spaniel?

we have a blenheim k.c spaniel , a girl

my sisters likes the name felicity and keaton

i like the name layla or leila

my friend likes the name daisy

and my sisters friend likes the name bailey

my sister whats a somewhat girly name not too prissy

o yeah and this is my sisters dog so she gets the most say in it and she likes the name keaton the best but too me it is too boyish but she is willing to keep an open mind so any suggestions are welcome but what do you think is the best name out of all of them for the girl spaniel (i still think layla is cutest and original)

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  • Lizzie
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    K.C. spaniels just look so girly that LaLa seems like a good name to me. Keaton sounds too much like eaten and I dislike it. But this is your sister's dog and she has the last word here. But... how about Kaylee?

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  • Liz H
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    1 decade ago

    You mean you have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which is white and brown, or black or tan....blenheim is a reference to the coat markings of the breed and not the bred itself.

    As for name, the puppy will most likely show more personality in a few days and the right name will just slide into place. I named my first chocolate Lab 'Truffle' before I even got her home. It was an elegant name. She was a tom boy and I should have called her 'Mud Pie'.

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