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Where are Roger Clemens and Chuck Knoblauch ?

For anyone watching the pregame ceremonies where are Clemens and Knoblauch? Yeah I know Clemens was in the Mitchell Report and he went to court and all that, but he was a big part of the Yankees and had big games at the Stadium. Clemens wasn't even in that video with all the pitchers.

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    Roger is prob sitting at home in Houston shooting his roids and HGH and Chuck Knoblauch was probably banned from being in attendance because Keith Olberman's mom was supposed to be there

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    They did show Knoblauch, but I guess he couldn't attend. But he was in the video.

    As for Clemens, that's just wrong. He belongs there, I don't know why he wasn't even in the video.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    using steroids thats why

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