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Common noisy backyard insects?

What are the other most common insects in your neighborhood (USA residents only) aside from crickets and cicadas that make sound/noise (whichever you prefer calling it =D) during early morning, afternoon and night?

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    Depending on how loud it is it might be a cicada. Their sound can be as high as 120 decibels if your up close to it, which is the equivalent of a jet engine at 100 meters away. Other than that, I agree with the others who have answered. Katydid, Locust, insects of that nature. Maybe a grasshopper.

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    The constant symphony you are hearing is Field Crickets, Periodical Cicadas or Harvester Cicadas(depends on area) several types of Katydids. Grasshoppers make noise too but only in the daytime. Add the sounds of all the locally occurring frogs, birds and it is quite a chorus. I love the night noises and sleep with the windows open as often as possible.

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    Common Backyard Insects

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    Bees and wasps buzzing

    Locusts and grasshoppers also chirp and buzz

    katydids also make noise

    flies and mosquitoes buzz

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    In the summer time I hear locusts.

    They only make sound when they

    land. Did you know that? Interesting.

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