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I'm looking to get a Cockapoo....?

Me and my family are looking to get a Cockapoo, preferably above the age of four months, and we've searched all over online and in newspapers and have come up with nothing. I was just wondering if anyone would have any suggestions where we can find Cockapoos?

We live in California, in the Stanislaus county area. Traveling a short distance isn't that huge of a problem either, so any place you know of will be a help. Thanks!

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    I'd check the Stanislaus County Animal Control Shelter. I don't know that anyone actually breeds Cockapoos anymore. They aren't one of the popular "designer" dogs. In checking online, I found the below website. The first California listing is in Brentwood, only about an hour from Stanislaus County (this is the Brentwood up by Antioch, not the one down south).

    Make sure that you visit the breeder and check out all data. Make sure there is not cross breeding happening. Make sure you get references and check them out thoroughly. A puppy mill is not where you want to get a pup.

    You could also check out

    Good luck!

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    Please don't support mixed-breeding. It's irresponsible and the breeders are more concerned with making money than the genetic health of the dog. Try a local shelter or rescue and adopt one. There are always at least one in every shelter I have vistited recently. People have been giving them up for adoption due to dermatitis and increased veterinary costs and three of the cockapoos at one shelter were found abaondoned on the side of the road at 7 weeks old all in different locations. Please don't support another low life backyard breeder or puppy mill owner.

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    Here are "cockapoos" looking for loving homes in California:

    Do **NOT** buy from a pet store or a breeder. A cockapoo is NOT a breed, and people selling them are trying to make a quick buck. Most (if not all) of these dogs die early due to horrible genetic malfunctions. ALL DOGS from pet stores come from puppy mills no matter what they say. Do a google search for 'puppy mills' or check YouTube, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    The above dogs are anywhere from 2 mos. to 1 year and are all in need of homes.

    Good luck!

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    Check and your local animal shelter. My husband and I saw one in our shelter last weekend. It was a little girl and absolutely adorable!

    Here is some more information about Cockapoos for you:

    Good Luck finding your new pup!

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    Do you mean a cockatoo? The bird? Or a cockatiel? There is no "breed" in dogs that are cockapoos, but there are Cocker Spaniels and poodles, which are both great dogs!

    Please to not purchase a mixed breed from a "breeder" who breeds mutts. They are very irresponsible and we need to stop putting money in their pockets to stop this BYB practice.

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    1 decade ago Save a life and get one from a shelter.

    You'll never find a reputable breeder breeding them.

    Never from a pet store or Back Yard Breeder. Here's why...

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    your best bet would be a rescue shelter that rescues from puppy breeders or puppy mills. do you have to get a little "designer" dog? why dont you stop by your local rescue or

    there are always animals in need of homes there

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    If you're looking for a mix breed/mutt please look no further than your local shelter. Plenty of them looking for homes!

    Do not purchase a mix breed from a breeder. Only backyard breeders breed mutts.

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    Check with local animal rescues.

    That's where most mutts wind up.

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    Try going on craigslist ( and try

    Good Luck and thanks for opting to adopt!

    EDIT: select your area here:

    Good Luck!

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