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Will this situation effect my unemployment insurance here in Ontario, Canada?

I was laid off back in early August with 10.5 months worth of retirement allowance. When I went to signup for an e account and checked it out. They had sent me a message more than a month ago stating that they didn't receive my record of employment and my EI could be dishonored if I didn't send it to them in 30 days time. Wasn't my employer susposed to have efiled the record with them when they mailed me a hard copy? Or was I susposed to have dropped it off at the nearest Service-Canada office and my employer forgot to inform me about that.

Or would it not matter since S-C will probably delay EI for several months as a result of my retirement allowance. I would normally had called them but they're close until tomorrow morning and I need to get this settled in my mind.


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    When your employer did your record of employment, they should have calculated in your retirement allowance. The hard copy your employer gave to your should have been given by you to Employment Insurance. Although a copy is sent to Bathurst for microfilming , it is your responsibility to hand in the copy given to you for purposes of calculating your claim. (one copy stays with employer, one copy goes to Bathurst for microfilming and the other to the employee) Without that ROE, an employment insurance agent cannot calculate your claim to know what you are eligible for and when. (in your case you would likely get a letter stating that your retirement allowance will mean you arent paid for awhile by EI, but it is still calculated as a result of the ROE)

    The only time this does not apply, is when your employer has done the ROE electronically. If this is the case, your record of employment would begin with an "S" or "W" and will be all typing, except for the signature. These records of employment are what Service Canada is going towards, so employers have less paperwork and employees have everything submitted "in case" they apply for EI.

    You can ask for an antedate to your claim....they may say no, but they could say yes.

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    Give them a copy of your employment record - drop it off at the nearest EI office. Even though there will be a delay because of your retirement allowance - they must have all the necessary data to eventually process your payments.

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