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Is Ashford University a good college to go to for a teaching degree?

I was just wondering if any one has attended or taken any online classes from Ashford University? Is it a good college to go to for a teaching degree? Also, does the State of Arkansas recognize them?

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    I currently go to Ashford University. I love the school and the schedule. The only thing that gets a little rough for me is that all courses are condensed into a 6 week period, so you are reading a whole book in half the time you would normally be able to. Some co ruses require 2 or 3 books. All States will recognize your degree from Ashford but the important question is the teacher requirements for your state. Some require only a BA to teach some require a Masters degree. The Teacher certification does not come from Ashfrod directly it is in conjunction with one of their partner schools Rio Salado College in Arizona which is also a good school.

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    Ashford University is an accredited online institution, and definitely a good choice to enroll at. Ashford University is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. You can read a review of the university and find other accredited online institutions as well at

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    May be this site can help you

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