what is the website where you can convert youtube videos to songs for itunes? its like a media converter?

i heard about a website where you can upload youtube videos w/ songs on them and it converts them to songs that you can put on your ipod and i was wondering what the website was?? i tried mediaconvert.com but that costs money and this is supposovly free. thanks!

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    this can help you... use 'zillatube'

    It will help you to download videos from youtube to your computer, and also help you put them on your iTunes and iPod.

    This is the fastest (and easiest) way.

    1. download the video (it will automatically be saved to your PC)

    2. convert the video to mp3 (or mp4)

    3. drag the mp3 (or mp4) into iTunes, then sync with your ipod.

    It works very well - http://www.zillatube.com


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    Movavi Converter

    Copy the web address of the youtube video and paste it into the box on the movavi converter on the link below. Choose either mp3 or WMA format, then put in your email address and then press convert. Once they've converted the video or song in this case they will email it to you. Click on the provided link on the email and then left click on the page that comes up and press save target as. It sounds complicated but it's not.

    The song is now yours to do with what you want.

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    I will recommend you use Apowersoft YouTube Downloader to help you download videos from YouTube.

    You Tube Downloader + FLV Video Converter + Media Player

    Get it from here.


    convert youtube videos to songs for itunes

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    Very easy for u with E.M. Youtube video download tool.

    It works very well and easy to use.

    It can download video from youtube, yahoo, google, myspace,dailymption or any other video websites automatiacally.

    (1)click button"Convert FLV to video" to the convert page.

    (2)Click "New Task" to add the video to the list.

    (3)click "Change a format" ---> Apple video ----->ipod Mpeg4 Mov(or ipod Mpeg4,iPod AVC H264).

    (4)Input the video or audio to iTune, then sync with your iPod.

    Or Convert to AAC audio for iPod.


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    Much easier just to use a quality download site like Iomoio, over 3 million tracks to choose from and only 16¢ a track - try them for free at http://www.iomoio.co.uk/bonus.php

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    You can try Any FLV Converter. Below is the link.


    Flash Video (FLV) Conversion Guide


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    You can try this YouTube tools

    Free download here:


    Also, you can find some other software:


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    when it open up on ituned did u click and drag all the songs in to thelibrary and let them move over? if not thats ur problem if u did then idk..

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