Next Japanese Prime Minister?

What do you think about the candidates and will they have more success than Abe and Fukuda?

Yosano (70 years old!!) is ready to talk about rising tax to tackle debts of 150% GDP. He won't go to Yasukuni

Aso (68) wants to spend lots of money and seemingly increase national debt. Smells of nepotism. Vacuous popularist. Speaks good english. Family wealth based on POW labour in WW2.

Ishiba wants to use the Japanese military more so he'll spend all his time fighting his party and the opposition.

Ishihara wants to go to Yasukuni. He's from a Tokyo constituency so he won't spend silly money on countryside construction projects but he has a history with highway construction.

Koike, being a woman, might have the "Koizumi like touch" and, like him, wants to go to Yasukuni. Fluent in Arabic, which is useful nowadays.

Because Yosano is willing to take the economic bull by the horns I think he'll do a good job.

Who's your money on?

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    I like Koike because I feel she would pick up where Koizumi left off with privatization and deregulation. To me, the Yasukuni thing is not such a big deal because if that's all a politician has to do to get the support of the right then they are getting off easy. However I think Aso really has the upper hand and will be PM-at least until an election.

  • 4 years ago

    There are 2 extremely hardship-free-to-understand the explanation why we are nonetheless there: a million) basically by way of fact Japan isn't allowed to have a militia does not recommend they are not out best chum NOW. Yeah they did some thing undesirable. yet now they seem to be a good chum and share lots extra technologies with us than with all human beings else. So that is our duty to preserve them. 2) Having bases there is somewhat like having Israel as an best chum... The closer we are to an enemy the better that's for us to preserve ourselves in the event that they have been to attack us. that is lots extra handy to deliver some bombers 3 hundred miles as antagonistic to a million,seven hundred, AND that is lots harder for the enemy to get something previous a protection this is sitting that on the element of them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Taro Aso, hands down the LDP picks him. Its the only way they are going to win the next election.

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    1 decade ago

    jackie chan for grand imperial wizard....

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