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can you tell by this website , what kind of church this is? My daughter has gone with her friends family for two weeks in row now, on Sundays. I was brought up Roman Catholic and remember the sermon being a hour. My daughter says they go at 8am , eat breakfast and hang out and talk , then have the sermon and they can talk during it, which is weird. They are there for a total of 4 hours.

My parents wonder if its a cult! or Born again church.

If anyone can check out their website, that has knowelge of these things and please let me know.



I forgot to add that my daughter said there are only about 20 people in the whole church. Its really small. She also just said they dont get to talk when the pastor is speaking, I was wrong about that, sorry. But they write down their prayers individually on a peice of paper and he reads them and prays for them.

Update 2:

I was also wrong, using the word "sermon" I meant Mass.

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    if i were you i'd put a stop to her going. it's an evangelical church and once they find out she's Catholic and you're Catholic they'll shun her and tell her she's going to Hell.

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    To begin with i'm Catholic and the Homily or sermon as your calling it only last normally around 15-20 minutes and is always about the Gospel reading and Mass it self last usually a hour total. It sounds a little cultish to me the service you described for your friend but definitely not Catholic.

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    Well, it's an evangelical Church, so they don't have mass. It is a born-again Church. I don't see anything wrong with people not interrupting the pastor, that would be rude anyway, but I tend to avoid evangelical churches since many of their members tell me that I am going to hell or that as a woman, I am obviously inferior to men. But what you allow your daughter to do is up to you. Just be aware of what evangelical believe about non-evangelicals, Catholics in particular.

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    I read information on the net and it seems, it's a reformation of the Catholic Church. They believe in the Nicene Creed and Apostle's Creed and infant baptism. Also, affirmation in the Holy Spirit. There is belief in the One true God, the Bible and Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and that you should be a follower of Christ. Plus, they believe that Jesus is God which is true. They believe too in Holy Communion and I believe they treat it as a sacrament.

    They are Protestant in their traditions, and have been around since the late 1800's. They are universal and world wide with members exceeding 280,000.

    I would not worry too much about your daughter attending. It is definitely not a cult. A cult is when you follow man. They follow Christ and teach about God. <><

    Source(s): i'm Catholic
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    Talking about a sermon might seem weird to you but it is something that Christians do. As another has said, if you are not spiritually inclined, just be thankful that your daughter is, and be supportive of her.

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    The answers you seek are here:

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    If you are non-practicing yourself, then be happy for her.

    God love you!

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    It looks like it is Protestant.


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