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Origami flower - meaning?

I have been given an origami flower by a boy i know, it looks like a waterlily, but i cant be too sure. What is the meaning of this, if it has one?

I'd be interested to know, as im sure it can't just be a piece of folded paper. It looks like a lot of effort has been put into making it.

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    i've done this before, giving a girl an origami flower. i dunno if there is any kind of sentimental meaning, but i just gave it to her as a nice gesture when i asked her out. i think the origami crane has some kind of meaning, but again, i'm not sure about the flower. but it possible that there is some kind of meaning

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  • mairn
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    speaking from journey as someone who makes origami roses on a usual foundation, I even could say that more suitable than something else it relies upon *fullyyt* on the nature of the female in question. some people get all giddy even as a paper rose is presented to them, others could care a lot less. One man or woman informed me that my rose preparation saved his marriage... My guess is that when he confirmed he could positioned some concept and attempt into something that they were in a position to artwork it out. I once made an origami iris for someone named Iris.. She loved it. My spouse, on the different hand, has infrequently any interest in what i visit do with a sheet of paper - and it truly is not any longer in basic terms because we've been married for a even as and it would not advise as a lot coming from me... She in no way has had a lot interest in it. even as it comes each and each of how all the way down to it, the time and concept and attempt you positioned into the present per chance counts more suitable than the present itself... there are some exceptions, for sure, yet frequently an origami flower is a unprecedented and decrease priced thanks to influence the girls. do exactly not enable that be the in straightforward words element you've... decrease back it up with a strong personality and a touch attraction, and remember that you'll be able to't please everybody.

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