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What really TICKS you off about today's SOCIETY ?

I absolutely just hate how the corporations of today create new campaigns to get in with the youth..

It's rather pathetic.

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    I really hate the way young people are demonised. We make out as if they are the only generation who ever took drugs or had premarital sex. We accuse them of vandalism if they express themselves by drawing on some ugly factory wall. In the US there are towns where a kid can be arrested for wearing his pants too low!!


    I was young in the 1980's/1990's. We did the post punk thing. The grunge thing. The heroin chic thing. Who the hell are WE to demonise the young of today?? We created the world which allows them unfettered access to internet porn and cr**p popular culture. Their parents raised them to consume without complaint and then blame them for being materialistic!!

    I think young people these days are far more empathetic, intuitive and poltically aware than we were. I think they care deeply about issues like the war and the environment. I thnk that they do all that they can to change their world for the better. They are creative and insughtful with their youtube and MySpace videos. They are media savvy and know sh**t when they see it. They communicate through the internet with their contemporaries all over the world so they are far more tolerant and aware than we ever were.

    My step daughter is 17. Her friends are what many would categorise as EMO. (In fact they just wear a lot of black and red and quite like Slipknot), Some people insist on labels. They are a great bunch of kids; happy, gregarious and willing to offer me the most amazing confidences about their lives just because I ask nd seem genuinely interested. At their age we grunted and left the room whenever an adult spoke.

    So that's my gripe. I hate it when wrinklies blame kids for all the ills of the world. I think the kids are doing well to survive at all in the messy, war torn world we have built for them.

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