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Sony HDR-SR10, Record in Standard Definition?


I recently bought a Sony HDR-SR10 which records in 1080p AVCHD format. I have read and been informed that it can record in Standard Definition too, though I can't figure out how....

I put the quality down to the second worst in the settings but it still isn't in SD quality.

I need this for a movie I'm making to then burn on a disc and watch it on any SD DVD player.

Any help would be greatly apreciated!


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    You do not need to capture video in standard definition just to burn a standard definition DVD...

    There are two ways to burn a DVD:

    1) Using a DVD authoring applications like WinDVD or iDVD, it will know what kind of DVD burner you have and will only burn the VOB or VOR files out as standard definition video.

    2) If you are just burning the video file out as a data file, most regular DVD players can't handle that data file type (like an AVI or MOV file), so using this method is not a good idea for what you said you want to do ("burn on a disc and watch it on any SD DVD player").

    So... record in AVCHD, edit with an AVCHD-compatible editor, save the file as a file the DVD authoring application can understand, then burn the DVD from the DVD burning app... and let it do its job of the frame rendering for playback in any standard definition DVD player.

    (I do this all the time with my HDV video to standard def DVD discs...)

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