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What is the North American Union?

I have been hearing a lot about this (Similar to the European/African/Asian and South American Unions) . I am also aware that the Trans Texas Corridor has something to do with it. Some of my grandparents land is being seized by the gov to make the freeway. Apparently you don't really own your property in the United States anymore.

My biggest concern is the abolishment of the Constitution...the Bill of Rights. Would we be under UN regulation (like the EU), or would the union mean the 3 countries would be under US Constitutional law? And why haven't Obama and/or McCain brought the issue up? I am concerned they may have knowledge of this union, and do not want to inform the American voters before the election.

I also heard that is why the market is crashing, that they want to implement a new currency called the will have just as much value as the Euro. Is that why the white house refuses to talk abuot the crashing dollar?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You may be called a conspiracy theorist, for that reason, I have supplied to websites for your and others personal information. In terms of will this abolish the constitution, no this single act will not. The constitution has been slowly overlooked with a few bills, for example, the patriot act. However, this new creation will add to the existing pile. In terms of why Obama and McCain have not touched on this subject, there may be several reasons why. Mr. Obama however, in Bristol, was asked about it, and he stumbled and dismissed the question as not one of issue, or at least worth addressing. I do not know why McCain has not mentioned it, it is possible the voters of both parties do not know enough about it to ask questions. In terms of media coverage, Lou Dobbs of CNN has had a 10 minute discussion regarding the matter and sovereignty. I do not know why no other news organization or newspaper have addressed this.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I suppose its a possibility; though from what I've seen if they wanted to combine the three countries, they would prefer to just do it by taking over every country.

    But maybe they just consider this a first step. Who knows.

    I personally think its more likely that Bush wants to be a Conservative, but he just doesn't have the grapes to stomach some of the harsher consequences of the Conservative philosophy.

    Most Conservatives don't. Conservative philosophy brings great chances at wealth, for those who have the skill. But it does so at the expense of the weak, and most Conservatives are just too human to accept seeing children starving on the street; even if it is the price that must be paid for the chance at wealth that comes with Conservatism.

    And the problem with Conservatism is that, if you don't go full on with it and commit to it, then it causes more problems than it helps. Conservatives are right in their philosophy, but cannot handle the consequences.

    Which is why Conservatism always fails; they simply do not have the committment to it that is necessary.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is a bad thing.

    Very simply put (in fact, almost painfully simple) some kind of North American Union (official or not) would encroach on the sovereignty of the US, the privacy of our people and values that out nation was founded on. I believe it was one George Washington who said something to the affect of "No entangling foreign alliances." From my understanding of the phrase "entangling foreign alliance," a North American Union would fall under that category. It would be a means for cheaper goods from Canada and, more noticeably, Mexico to flood our markets more than they already do. All the while, American corporations would find it harder to compete both at home and abroad. It would also allow the governments of Mexico and Canada to encroach on the freedoms and rights of Americans. Such a union would simultaneously undercut our economy, our culture and our rights.

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