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各位大大 ~


捷克與豌豆故事的英文版嘛 ??

因為找好久都找不到喔 ˊˋ

PS:請附上中文 謝謝 ^^

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    The story tells of a boy named Jack who was sent to the market one day instructed by his mother to sell their cow. As Jack proceeded to the market he met a stranger who offered to trade five "magic beans" for the cow. Jack accepted the trade and returned back home with the beans in his pocket. Jack's mother was angered that he had not obeyed her instructions to sell the cow and threw the beans out of the window. As Jack slept, the beans germinated into the soil and a gigantic beanstalk grew in their place by morning. When Jack saw the huge beanstalk, he immediately decided to climb up it. He arrived in a land high up in the clouds that happened to be the home of a giant when he broke into the giant's castle, the giant quickly sensed a human was near:

    Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!

    I smell the blood of an Englishman.

    Be he 'live, or be he dead,

    I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

    However, Jack was saved by the giant's wife and as he escaped from the palace, he took a bag of gold coins with him. Jack desired to seek out more treasures from the castle in the clouds and climbed once more up the beanstalk. This time he stole a hen which laid golden eggs. Again he was saved from harm by the giant's wife.

    Jack disregarded being nearly discovered by the giant twice and decided to go up the beanstalk a third time. This time, he stole a magical harp that played by itself. The instrument did not appreciate being stolen and called out to the giant for help. The giant chased Jack down the beanstalk, but Jack managed to get to the ground before the giant did. Jack, seeing an axe on the ground beside him, immediately chopped the beanstalk down. The giant fell to earth, hitting the ground so hard that it split, pulling the beanstalk down with him.

    P.S 字數過長無法附上中文

    Sorry !!!

    Source(s): my story book
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