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Why is my dog shaking?

I have a 1 year old pomeranian-chihuahua mix, whom is currently living at my parents house. I went to see her today and noticed that she is shaking, kind of swaying a person with Parkisons Disease. She continues to sway/shake, unless I hold or support her head to hold still. My parents then told me that she had her head stuck in between the wood fencing a few days before. Could this have caused a muscle issue in her neck? Or is this something else, neurologically? She also seems to be off balance from the shaking...she tips easily. I am taking her to the vet Mon. but am worried tonight...please help???!! =(


My regular vet is not 24 hours, and I do not know of a local 24 hour or ER vet...I will have to look that up and find out if there are any in my area. My parents are unsure of how long she was stuck mom seen her in the morning before work and my brother found her stuck mid afternoon.

Also she is eating and drinking, but I noticed her trying to stand still to eat and drink and tipping over...I hope it is not neuro, due to depleted oxygen levels...if so what can be done to help her? Isnt it irreversible damage? =(

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    She needs to be seen and evaluated by a vet as soon as possible. The swaying and uncontrolled shaking sounds neurological. You don't say how long she was stuck in the fence, but there could have been diminished blood supply to her brain, she could have caused an injury to her neck or spine. If she were stuck for a long period of time it can also create an electrolyte imbalance and or acute renal failure. Renal Failure will cause of buildup of waste products in her system that can cause some of these same symptoms.

    If you love your pet I would get her to the ER vet immediately. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

    Additional: She really does need to be seen. Her chances for a full recovery are greater with immediate care. The longer you wait the more damage could be done. ER vet clinics should be listed in the yellow pages and I do hope that there is one close to you. Just as an FYI, my daughter's can displayed some of these same symptoms, but continued to eat and drink that morning. He staggered and would fall down and it started suddenly. They found that he was in acute renal failure.

    Source(s): Mom to 7 furbabies and a nurse.
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    Are you able to phone a vet up or a vet nurse and talk to them about what she is doing? You wont no anything until she sees the vet not fully anyway. I would suggest try and keep her from walking around and make sure you take her as often as possible to the toilet. Watch how she is with eating and drinking as well. So really just keep her still until you can get to a vet ? is there a vet hospital emergency that you can go to?

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    I would get on line and find a 24hr vet hospital/ clinic. Shaking is normal for chihuahua's BUT NOT THE KINDA OF SHAKING YOUR TALKING ABOUT. My chihuahua acted drunk and kinda out of it one day and I think she had a stroke or TIA but I took her to the Vet she did pass away but she was 16yrs old

    your baby is too young and if you get her /him in to a vet hospital you can prevent or stop any thing that maybe we cant know you need a professional vet

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    If there is no ER vet in your area call your regular vet's office, as they usually leave instructions to follow in case of an emergency.

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    Not sure whether that could cause it or not, but if you are really that concerned, I'd call your local emergency vet's office and get her checked out to be safe.

    Hope everything turns out and she's okay.

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    my dog shakes in the evening only because she is a wimp and wants to go to bed but is afraid of the dark

    so your dog might just be afraid of something like getting caught in the fence again

    hope this helps

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    do you think she got a hold of something that she shouldn't have ?you said she just started this at parents house is she eating or drinking and going out maybe shes dehydrated? call your local vet and they should have a emergency number to call good-luck it sounds like dehydration.

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    Very interesting question, hopefully we get some good opinions

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