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Is freedom of the press, free internet, no more? Is censorship our future? Internet 2?

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I was surprised when Yahoo and Google cooperated with censorship in China. Is that our future here? Or is it now?

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  • Ruby
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    Yes it is. Some ISP providers here are already censoring sites that express dissenting political views. At the DNC, independent media journalists were sought out and brutally arrested on trumped up charges because they dared to document the protests. Internet 2 will be the end of freedom on the internet. Look it up.

    By the way, you are not confused. Censorship is no longer just a government issue. The government is so tightly under corporate control that large corporations and government have in some ways become one and the same. It is in the best interests of large ISPs or search engines to censor information that might otherwise be censored by government.

  • Bubuh
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    Yahoo and Google can't be in China in the first place if they don't have that kind of cooperation with Chinese gov. Even with censorship in China Yahoo and Google brought more information freedom in China than ever before. There will never be that kind of censorship here because there are more money to be made by not censoring things online. I don't see how there can be some serious censorship going on now when internet is inundated with all kinds of junks 'supposedly' proving gov is behind some evil acts.

    With rare legitimate cases aside some in the US have been spoiled with so much information freedom that if they're slightly dissatisfied with media coverage, how their opinion is treated online...etc..etc they cry foul, censorship.

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    I don't think that is going to happen in the US, at least in the near future, unless the country gets into a major war.

    It's unfortunate what Internet companies did in China, but at least China is getting some outside information, before it was even worst.

    Besides, things like that have happened since old times. Free countries have always helped tyrants if they get any economic advantage

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    You're confused. Companies like Yahoo, Google and the rest have nothing to do with freedom of the press or freedom of speech. They are private firms who offer forums like these to attract folks who they can expose to advertisers.

    Freedom of the press in the U.S. only has to do with governmental restrictions being placed on the press through that government passing laws to carry out those restrictions.

    So, if you don't like the way that private companies like Yahoo and the rest conduct their business you don't have to invest in them or patronize any of their advertisers. You are free to do that.

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