How can I defeat the Lanzarote mosquitos?

I'm off to Lanzarote in a bit and have been chomped by mosquito's in the past.

Could anyone please advise a deterrent?

Would it be a 'plug in' thing to kill them when they make it in, or something to stop them getting in?

Would a plug in thing make them leave the room?

I need help please!

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi, Lanzarote is not known as bad for mosquitos. They tend to be few and only be active after rain (not much of that) as they need standing water to breed. The best way to prevent being eaten at night is to close all windows and spray bedrooms with mossy killer before going out. When you return do not open windows. Plug in's are a deterrent but generally do not cover a large enough area and if windows are open effect is diluted. If bitten use an anti histamine based bite cream as soon as possible. It is normally the scratching that does the harm...not the bite !! Enjoy Lanzarote.

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