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what are the concealed weapons laws in florida for carrying a knife?

just wondering because im old enough to buy them and today my knife fell out of my pocket and this total a hole picked it up and told me i should be arrested because im under 18 and carrying a knife. then he was all like "ya i got my concealed weapons permit and im a total a hole becausei got your knife before you did".

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    A "common small pocketknife" is legal. All other knives are caled "deadly weapons".

    All "concealed weapons" (knives included) require a license. Carring a concealed knife on or about your person is illegal.

    If you are a minor you can't carry any kind of knives.

    A self-defense chemical spray is legal even if it's concealed, so drop the knive act and you wont have to worry about getting arrested.

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    it may also grow to be a hid weapon in case you fail to exhibit that you've such weapon even as requested by a police officer who then discovers it upon seek for. that is assuming he stopped you for a contravention. it truly is may also grow to be a hid weapon if there's a planned attempt to conceal the weapon earlier the fee of against the law. it truly is furry thinking it truly is only a pocket knife regardless of the undeniable fact that the police can discover strategies to make it stick reckoning on the situations.

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    you should've taken a pic of him on your phone then reported him to the cops for threatening you with a knife!!! LOL!!

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