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What has been your experience with USAA Homeowners Insurance?

My house was just damaged in Hurricane Ike. A large oak snapped off, fell through the roof, and then it rained inside. We paid somebody $1500 the same day to take the tree off the roof and cover it with a tarp (that was the going rate the day after the storm). My husband called and filed and claim, but they said that they only cover $500 for tree removal. That is not a huge deal, but I'd like to know if we are in for a struggle in dealing with this company. Already I know I need a new roof, new ductwork, and new flooring. Any tips?

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    USAA is an excellent company. You'll likely not have any trouble.

    Most homeowners policies have the $500 same special limit of liability for tree removal. You would have heard the same thing from any company.

    If possible see if you can get the guy who did the tree removal to bill you separately for the tree removal and for the purchase and placement of the tarp. There is usually no special limit of liability for preventing further damage from occurring - in fact it's your duty.

    If you don't have a copy of the policy handy call the company and ask them to send you one. And you can always ask the adjustor to show you where in the policy it says "X". They will.

    The best tip I have is to be courteous. When there is something that can go either way an adjustor is much more likely to go your way if you are pleasant. But be firm when you need to be, too!

    Best of luck to you! I hope your lives are back to normal soon!

    Source(s): 15 years as an insurance agent (not USAA), retired.
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    I have been a USAA policy holder for years. I mean 35 years and this past September there was a bad storm. I had some damage to my roof and my ceiling fell in as a result. I was not happy with the response time of my insurance company's restoration company. The restoration was just completed this past Friday 12/12/2014. That's 3 months to fix my issues from the storm. That was unacceptable and USAA didn't pay enough of the repair costs. I paid $4K and they paid $2.5K. BEWARE of USAA. they lost a long time customer.

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