I think Dark Knight was an excellent movie; the biggest of 2008. But do you think Watchmen will top it? ?

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    money-wise, no way

    Heath Ledger's death propelled the initial box office, and then good word-of-mouth propelled it even further. It would have done well regardless, but probably not as well, sadly, had Ledger not put in such a terrific performance, and passed following the making of the movie.

    Zach Snyder has yet to prove that he can make a movie that has more going for it than a superficial, stylish sheen.

    That's not to say that his previous movies were bad, its just that, beyond their initial entertainment value - there's not much there, which is enough for most people. 300 and Dawn of the Dead were both stylistically great - but that's about it. The source material for 300 never struck me as particularly great (I think Frank Miller is overrated, for the most part), so the movie could only be so good itself. It's macho, brainless entertainment. The original Dawn of the Dead, however, may have been the best zombie movie ever made. It had subtext, while also being an enjoyable, scary, genuinely creepy tale about the undead, and those that have to survive their onslaught. The remake missed all of the subtext about consumerism, etc and went straight for the undead creepiness - which, again, is fine, but it lacks that extra endearing punch of the Romero classic. It also lacks the homemade feel of the original that gave it additional heart.

    Watchmen is a very deep, very cerebral mini-series/graphic novel that requires its audience to draw connections and inferences to enjoy it. It also requires some prior knowledge of comic book mythology (most of the characters in the film are analogues to the stereotypical heroes of the medium) many of which have not been seen in a movie yet. Its a deconstruction of the comic book superhero, and of society. Movies like that tend not to do boffo business at the box office - without some thing else to push them along (sex appeal, controversy, etc). It won't appeal to as large a base as the Batman films, as all of the characters were created for that one miniseries.

    Also, movies based on the works of Alan Moore do not have a great track record - critically or financially. So much so that Alan Moore became tired of the intervention of Hollywood into the original ideas and intent of his work that on the adaptations of his works - he removes his name from the credits. This is regardless of quality at this point. He hasn't even looked at the Watchmen script, but you won't see his name anywhere in the credits of this movie. And any proceeds he would receive, financially, he is donating to the artist - Gibbons.

    From Hell is a brilliant graphic novel, full of detail and painstaking research - the film took that and turned it into a brain-dead slasher mystery.

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is also painstakingly researched, and is embedded, heart and soul, in the victorian era of its characters. The story is propaganda - as if it had been created and published in the era in which these stories originated. Each panel has in-jokes for those that love Victorian literature. There are prose chapters that help to explain and further delve into the characters and the plots running through the book. Its world is fully fleshed out in a way that just would never be able to translate to film. The movie was american-ized and became a superhero/adventure/james bond-esque movie that pales in comparison.

    Watchmen has the detail and background of these stories as well - and not all of it can easily be translated to film. The ending is dark, and very "un-hollywood," almost to the point of being unfilmable. All previous possible adaptations of the book altered the ending - destroying the themes of the graphic novel.

    So, let's see if Snyder is better than his track record - he's a young director, and possibly capable of pulling something like this off. I wouldn't put it past him quite yet, I'll take a wait-and-see approach.

    So, In conclusion - financially, it won't top it. A movie makes it to $500,000,000 once in a blue moon. Too much has to come together in a perfect storm of circumstances to do that.

    Quality-wise can it surpass Dark Knight? Nolan had a better track record of quality films going into Batman Begins, and is someone to watch in the future. Snyder doesn't have that going for him. Sure it could surpass the Dark Knight, but the odds, I would say are against it. The track record of Snyder, previous Alan Moore adaptations, and the high degree of quality of the Dark Knight all make it seem like a far-fetched idea that it would be better.

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  • 4 years ago

    The Dark Knight

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  • 1 decade ago

    no,it wont , at best it might be a very good movie but topping dark knight is a very big acheivement in my opinion and i dont see it happening with watchmen.

    even kevin smith in an interview said he like the dark knight better than the star trek and the watchmen movie ( he saw both of those movies in advance).

    However, Avatar may top it, its a james cameron movie releasing december next year, seeing how much work and effort cameron is putting in that movie, it will be an epic.

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    1 decade ago

    I doubt it, I personally as well as my girlfriend thought the Dark Knight sucked, even though it very quickly became one of the top grossing movies of all time I really cannot see why, I highly doubt that this watchmen movie you are talking about will do nearly as well, unfortunately because I otherwise love marvel comics as well as when they make movies

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  • 1 decade ago

    no !

    i didnt even know what watchmen was.

    i mean yeah it will be big but batman in my opinion is so much better than watchmen (from what i know about it now)

    plus everyone knows batman ! not many for watchmen other than the big comic-readers (sometimes)

    dark knight was great !

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  • 1 decade ago


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