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If Republican voters believe that executive experience is important in a presidential candidate?

Why didn't they give the nomination to one of their five candidates who actually had some?

1: Rudy Giuliani - New York City mayor, 8 years.

2: Jim Gilmore - Virginia governor, 4 years.

3: Mike Huckabee - Arkansas governor, 10.5 years; Lt. governor, 2.5 years.

4: Mitt Romney - Massachusetts governor, 4 years.

5: Tommy Thompson - Wisconsin governor, 15 years.


So, as long as the presidential candidate is likely to have cabinet members with executive experience, it doesn't matter if he has any himself?

Good to know.

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    Part of the answer lies in Palin's comment to Charlie Gibson.. that "she" thought Obama must be sorry now, that he didn't pick Hillary.

    I can't remember in all of my 59 yrs, ever hearing any person more narcisstic and led by vanity than Palin.

    The answer is that experience has nothing to do with anything. James Dobson and his conservatives (who wanted an anti abortionist) was the goal, in order to WIN. Considering the amount of oil money behind McCain.. it also is a perfect way to get Palin OUT of Alaska.

    She is a gimmick.. but follow the money. Look at how McCain was comparing to Obama, when the issues were on his own merits. Even now.. look at who comes, if he speaks on his own.

    It is all win win win.. and pit bull mentality is perfect for that goal. Never mind that it screws the country's future. No one is thinking about that, at all.

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    It is important against an inexperienced candidate like Obama... and the fact that dems were so threatened of Palin (even though she is not the presidential candidate, a fact lost on many libdems) , they made an issue out of her being "only" a mayor of a small town and a governor of a sparsely populated state.

    Given that McCain has more senate experience than 143 day senator Obama, then experience is a factor against the democratic candidate.

    Is this another "important" issue that libdems keep scraping from the bottom of their barrel when they are desperate?

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    Cuz they chose McCain who was a war hero, showed huge personal integrity as a POW (turned down the chance to leave the Hanoi Hilton until everyone else could go to) and he has been in the Senate for twenty plus years. But he remained his own man, sponsored bills that the GOP hated (like the Campaign Reform Bill), opposed Bush's energy plan (Obama voted for it) and he is for the environment and alternative fuels. He has more experience than the others and yet remained his own man. His is a good choice and is almost a 3rd party candidate as is Palin. I like him and I am a moderate Dem.

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    in the present previous purely 2 presidential elections seem to have gained any significant impact from vice chairman nominations. In 1960, John F. Kennedy would desire to not be elected with out the electoral votes of Texas and a selection of of different different southern states. His decision of Lyndon Johnson made an wonderful distinction. This became right into a very close election. In 1992 the assessment between vice chairman Dan Quayle and vice chairman-nominee Al Gore became into far extra stark than the assessment between George H.W. Bush and bill Clinton. yet another incredibly close election, in all likelihood desperate by way of the Perot element blended with the vice chairman determination.

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    During the primary we thought we should fix the Republican brand. All of the people you mentioned should be in the cabinet.

  • All of those people you mentioned are going to be part of McCain's Cabinet.

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    I bet the demos wish Mccain would have....hahahaha, they would not be scared if one of them were the vp choice....Palin's got them worried.hahahahaha.

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