redline problem and tps sensor issue?

my eclipse was having problems starting. Sometimes it would and sometimes the rpm will lope then eventually die. So everyone i talk to said to change map sensor , so i did and now it starts fine but whenever i even touch gas it dies. also it only starts if the tps sensor is not plugged in and also when it idling below normal is the only time it wont die when i hit gas but redlines at 4000rpms(manual trans) anyone know if it the tps sensor can affect the redline limit and cause all these issues. open to anything. Ohh i also changed fuel filter and checked fuel pump.

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    1 decade ago
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    It might have a rev limitor

  • threat
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    4 years ago

    That sucks, yet i'm doubting it is your MAP ( manifold absolute tension ) or TPS ( throttle place sensor ). by way of fact neither have the means of turning the motor vehicle off thoroughly. help me out... 3 issues, guy. while and how severely does it take off on ya? And while/how many times does it die on ya? Is the examine Engine gentle on ever? It does not ought to proceed to exist , yet does it come on and rancid in any respect? if so, you may desire to have the PCM scanned at your community storage or between the great motor vehicle aspects shops to verify what variety of hardship codes are saved in the pcm. yet another theory... what's the motor vehicle's historic past? Like, did you get it out of your Granny or your homey down the way? that would sound kinda twisted up, yet believe me that variety of information would properly be very powerful in fixing those kinda "loopy, strange" type problems. With that small volume of mileage, it is going to become important to appreciate how properly the Caddy became into cared for. this is the place my previous question kinda comes into play. by way of fact with 65k miles or so, you mustn't be having extreme problems like this. this is preferable me to a pair distinctive places in my head... If it became into my Cadillac with that few miles on it, the 1st ingredient i think of i could do could be bypass to a storage you believe and have them run a diagnostic test on the motor vehicle. this is probably gonna permit you already know somewhat lots. an excellent variety of that isn't have a rattling ingredient to do which comprise your contemporary problems, yet a number of those saved codes WILL, and which will with a bit of luck provide you some path. i'm gonna be trustworthy... i've got have been given a feelin' that that is a few thing to do which comprise your pcm ( powertrain administration module ). this is your motor vehicle's "pc". And whether that's, you extremely could success out in this ingredient by way of fact they have long gone down in cost a good deal considering that 'ninety two, and if that is a few thing else you may desire to be finding at some actual money. by way of fact if ya have not figured it out yet, Cadillacs in maximum circumstances are high priced to do artwork to. basically how that's. permit me understand what ya discover out, i'm actual involved by this one, guy. desire i'd desire to help out. good success!

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