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jonas brothers 0r david archuleta?

who do you prefer? why or why not?

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    Jonas brothers even though david archuleta is cute too, i like jb because

    1. they are real like their voices, they don't lip singing ( i'm not saying david lip sings)

    2. have you listened to their lyrics, there are amazing, you can tell it really comes from heart

    3. they write their own songs well actually nick does (this kind of goes with number three)

    4. they are cute and the one of the nicest people

    5. they still remeber that they are just 3 brothers from new jersey, so down to earth and they care soo much they donate

    6. they truly love their fans, like they did a free concert surpise

    concert for their fans at 6 AM IN THE MORNING who does that

    7. whenever i hear them sing my heart melts, so beautiful

    they are kindest brothers in the world and i don't understand why some people hate them soo much if they don't like them, then don't listen to them but somepeople are soo mean and wishh death wish for them, its sad. I love the jonas brothers, bless their hearts. peace out hope you have fun life :)

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  • David Archuleta!!! Because he's hotter than the Jonas Brothers and he is an amazing singer!

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    David Archuleta duuh hes better

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    Jonas Brothers!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    Jonas Brothers! They are so finnnnnnne!!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago


    How dare you compare him to "Them"


  • Neither, because I listen to Soul music.

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