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im hosting an exchange student next week!?


this thursday i'm getting a german exchange student from germany. she is around my age and we've been emailing back and forth for about 2 months now, but there is still so much to know about her and stuff..

and she told me her english isn't too good (like she can write basic stuff in emails) but i really want to get to know her.

so like what should we talk about??

and is there anything to make her stay more comfortable or any german (idk the word...like customs?) does she have so we as hosts can accomodate at least some of them??

hopefully someone german or was a host can help me!

thanks in advance.

: )



finally...a REAL answer.

thank you srich..

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    just open up to her. Let her feel like she is part of your family: we hosted a student from brazil and ever since he came we have considered him a brother.

    We treated him like family, we invited him places, asked him questions about his culture- what he had heard about our culture that he wanted to try.

    have fun with them, immerse them into your lifestyle! you'll do fine!

  • Wololo !!

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