how does nicaragua compare to ecuador?

I ve lived in ecuador and would like to move to nicaragua. Which country is more expensive, dangerous, interesting.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i spent 6 months living in ecuador and ADORED it!

    then i ended up in Nica for two months where i had LOTS of fun!

    ...the two places are just so different its hard to compare, but the biggest change was the climate. Apart from the oriente i never found Ecuador to be overly scorching...

    in Nica, its incredible. The northern highlands are cooler obviously, not quite as cool as Quito but more or less on par.

    Leon/granada is 'stand still and sweat' hot, but it grows on you and i loved it once i acclimatised-everywhere else will feel freezing though-be warned!

    danger wise i never felt any threat in either country, truthfully. common sense is the best indicator of any problem i guess.

    NIca may well be even cheaper...when i was there at the begining of this year it was around 30 cordobas to the $.

    bags of water on bus journey stops cost 1 cordoba for example, 15 for a pineapple tourist price...

    meals in restaraunts around 175 cords for a meal is a lot of money and is only paid in tourist spots, local food is the same as ecuador.

    they do not have a set lunch with soup, main, fruit and drink though. just big main course for the same price.

    not as good juices either sadly in nica...mainly sugary bags of liquado. tasty enough though.

    they are basically both very different...please feel free to email me if i can be a bit more specific?! and good luck!

    Source(s): just my own travels and experiences in both countries
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  • 4 years ago

    It's a combination of things. Easy access to firearms, a thriving drug industry, poorly handled law enforcement, poverty, and crippling lack of industry. You gave india as an example of why poverty isn't the only factor there, and it's true, but you need to look at some of the differences between the poverty in those areas. In India, you are working, but you're still in poverty. You'll be making essentially no money working in a sweat shop or something similar, but at least your time will be occupied. In Latin America people in poverty have the drug trade to turn to (Or some offset fueled with drug money). It's a lot more violent than working in a sweat shop, but you'll also be making more money. The other thing that I think should be mentioned is how people in the area generally look at religion. I'm painting a pretty broad brush here, but I've noticed that a lot of christians see religion as a sort of redemption. If I do shitty stuff now, I can be good later and still get into heaven sort of thing. You don't see the same sort of attitude with all religions. I think the other factors I listed are more concrete, but that's worth mentioning as well.

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