where is the main shopping in Ecuador?

like in dallas we have the gorcery store (tom thumb) we have Best Buy and wallgreens/CVS, are there any of these stores in Ecuador?

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    There are numerous shopping malls throughout Ecuador, such as Quicentro,Mall Jardin, and El Recreo in Quito, Mall del Sol, Alban Borja, and LA La Rotonda in Guayaquil, and 'Paseo Shopping' an indoor mall found in several Ecuadorian cities.

    Most stores that your used to seeing in the United States are nowhere to be found in Ecuador; the lack of free trade agreements between the two countries makes it disadvantagous for many US entities from to do business here.

    There are still major chains however. Names such as SuperMaxi/MegaMaxi, Aki/GranAki, and Mi Comesarioato are all supermarket/grocery stores found throughout the country. Fybeca is a national pharmacy brand.

    As for home appliances and electronics, some national stores include Artifaca and Creditos Economicos.

    Feriseriato is a national brand simliar to Ace Hardware.

    Though, in Ecuador, mom-and-pop stores are still very very common, even in the largest cities, and a great many Ecuadorians do their shopping there as much as the national chains; just like in the US, it all depends on economics and personal preference.

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    If you just want to buy more of the same that you can get anywhere, there are lots of stores in any of the bigger cities.

    If you want to buy souvenirs like sweaters, ponchos, hammocks, etc., take the 2 hour trip north of Quito to Otavalo and go to the Plaza de Ponchos, the big open air market near the center of town.

    There are lots of hotels and restaurants and at night you can see live music many places.

    Source(s): I went there a LOT when I lived in Ecuador.
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