In Ecuador, what is the Costa? is it Guayaquil?

also does anyone know what is the climate in differnt parts of the year in Ecuador is?

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    Ecuador is divided into three distict regions; the 'Costa', the 'Sierra', and the 'Oriente'.

    The Costa consists of the western quarter of the country, along the pacific ocean. The climate is generally warm and dry. Some principal cities in the Costa include Guayaquil, Manta, Portoviejo, and Esmeraldas.

    The Sierra is aproximately the next 25% of the country to the east of the costal region, and is comprised of the Andies mountain range. As you might expect, the climate is much colder than in the Costa. Becuase of its geography, it is also subject to high rainfall for part of the year. Amabato, Cuenca, and the capital city of Quito are all found in the Sierra.

    The Orriente is the eastern half of the country and consists of mostly dense rainforest. It is generally quite warm, and experiences generous amounds of rainfall. This region of Ecuador is also much more sparsely populated as compaired to its western neighbors.

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    The Costa refers to the western part of Ecuador, including the Pacific coastline. Guayaquil is part of the Costa. So if you were born in Guayaquil you would be considered to be born from the Costa.

    Source(s): Ecuadorian and Guayaquileno
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