how do you save the custom wajas you make?

i cant figure it out. im new to wajas.. so i dont get it.



also.. can i have a help section on that??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    When you finish tinkering with the Custom Tool, screenie the page (press the prt scr/sysrq button on the keyboard; on my keyboard it's above the arrows) or right-click the image and copy it. If you copy it, you only get the picture and not the markings/colors you used to make it; I'd suggest screenieing the page for this reason. Otherwise, you might forget what you used, and you'd only have a picture, which doesn't help if the waja has seven markings/dyes or something. Paste in Paint, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, whatever art program you have. If you screenied the page, crop it so only the waja and the hex colors/markings info show. Save in .gif format. Upload it to the internet using photobucket, tinypic, imageshack, etc. (wouldn't recommend imageshack, though, it clears out images monthly)

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