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Karl Rove wasn't annoyed with McCain for lying but rather for his amateur way of doing so. Rove prefers lies within the deniable range -- the more of them the better. From a Rovian perspective, McCain went long when he should have gone wide, and often.

Is it surprising that McCain, who died a "death of a thousand cuts" at the hands of Bush in 2000, hasn't learned this?

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    Have no idea what lies you may be referring to.

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    Oh I think he's learned to lie wide, often, and long from Karl Rove. If you tell a lie often enough it becomes the "truth", right?

    Here just a few of the cuts.

    Ads by the McCain campaign to portray Obama as being in favor of teaching sex education to 5-year-olds. A lie, it was a bill to teach them age appropriate ways to protect themselves from predators.

    Or how about McCain's claim that Obama will raise taxes on the middle class. Not true, he is in favor of tax cuts for those making less than 250K.

    Or how about McCain's statement to the women of "The View" that Sarah Palin never requested earmarks as Governor. Palin, in fact, requested $198 million in federal earmarks in February, including such expenses as $487,000 to fight obesity in Alaska. As a mayor she hired her own lobbyist to get earmarks for Wasilla .Before she left office, Wasilla, with aid of the lobbyist and the blessing of Stevens and Rep. Don Young, got $27 million in earmarks, according to the nonpartisan Taxpayers for Common Sense.

    They even lie about such things as false estimates of the size of the crowds attending Republican rallies.

    There more, but so many lies, so little time.....

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    it is pretty funny, watching Karl Rove complain about all the lies....

    Do you think he has something up his sleeve or do you think he is suddenly repenting for his role in the downfall of the country?

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes and he keeps on ticking groan

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    Yes it is

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