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a) Which adjective is used to describe something that has been spoiled?

b) What question does the mother ask?

c) According to the report, what is the "key issue" in this scandal?

d) What statistics are given?

e) According to experts, what is the real solution to this problem?

f) How do Chinese farmers make their profit?

g) Why was melamine added to the milk?

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    We can hear that adjectives like "tainted" and "toxic" are used.The mother wondered why the government didn't test the milk formula more carefully.Over 6,000 babies affected, many with kidney failure, and 3 infant babies even diedThough the tainted products have been removed, the biggest problem is quality control. The Chinese dairy industry is in an unhealthy situation. It's necessary to track down where exactly the milk comes from, or we don't know who exactly should be responsible for the problems, and can't prevent similar problems in the future.As adding melamine can raise the protein level of the milk, doing so means the "milk" that farmers provide may contain less milk and more water, which means higher profits.

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    Over six thousand babies have been affected, many of whom suffer from kidney failure. Three infant babies even died.

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