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New Computer Problems

I just bought a new Vista and I have two problems with it.

First, because I bought this in Canada so there is no Chinese(Traditional,Please) in this computer. Second, for some reason I can`t type"at"(little mouse) it becomes " and I can`t make a proper apostrophe either. Anyone who can speak English, read this and help me .....THANKYOU!!!!

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    dont worry, even an english vista can still dispaly or type chinese and any other languages.

    for the name of the directions in " " below may vary due to different interfaces between different operating platforms, but the principle remains the same, or at least, very similar.

    go to "control panel" from start menu, then click on "time, date, regional and language settings", then "region and language", on one of tab you will see "advanced", click in and you'll see something like" select a non-unicode language........something something", get in and select chinese(taiwan), then click on ok, now it may ask you to restart, after reboot, your computer is officially fluent with chinese now!

    then go back to "region and language" again, on another tab you will see "language input", click on "details", a new window will pop out, then "add", and select "chinese(taiwan)", then choose your prefered input type, e.g. phonetics means 注音. then change the way you want to switch between language input, if you dont know, doesnt matter, just click on ok.

    if you cant be bothered with setting up your prefered language switching shortcut, just simply go to bottom right and click on "EN" icon and change from there to "CH" (chinese traditional), then you can type in chinese, but mind you that, unless you are very good in typing chinese, i would suggest you to buy a chinese keyboard, otherwise it will be very hard to memorize every position of the key, or you can just buy a thin marker and mark them yourself.

    about the "@" symbol, its because you gotta click on "shift" first, so ----> 「shift + "」

    and for every other symbol too. there are two symbols on each key, one you click on normally, the other you simply hold shift and click on it.

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    because i use xp, so it might not be exact for the steps i ve mentioned, but it works, cos once i told my friend all these steps above on the phone, and he also has an english vista platform; later he was able to type both japanese and chinese.

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