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What is the lightest aluminum wheel set?

I was wondering who makes the lightest aluminum road wheels? Mavic?

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    No, not Mavic, although they make some nice light wheelsets. The American Classic Sprint 350 is one of the lightest aluminum wheels you can buy at 1300 grams. The Easton EA90 SLX has a claimed weight of 1398 grams for the pair.

    I've owned both Easton (Velomax) and American Classic -- my daily rider wheels -- and have found them to both be very reliable.

    These weights are for clinchers. Aluminum tubulars are usually marginally lighter.

    Probably one of the best sources is here the Weight Weenies web site, link below. Note how much heaver the Mavic Ksyriums are than the wheels I've suggested. Oddly enough, the old SSC model weighs in slightly less than the new SL with the "ground out" rim.

    Weight isn't everything, but take it from an old guy who does a lot of riding in the mountains, it makes a lot of difference in climbing and sprinting. Stay off these ultra-light wheels if you are overweight. You'll only break them.

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    I don't know for sure, but Cane Creek and Rolf had some really light ones. Within a few ounces I don't think it even makes that much of a difference....a half a pound is another story. All manufacturers of high-end wheels have the same knowledge and capabilities of making the lightest technology available....they may choose to sacrifice "lightest weight" for some other design characteristic, however, such as aerodynamics or durability. The bottom line is that I"m not really answering your question with any definite numbers, but I'm saying that "lightest" may not mean a hill of beans when you compare 8 different wheelsets that are all within 100 grams of each other. Sorry. :o)

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    I gotta say it is the REYNOLDS Stratus DV (1450 gram wheelset deep-V all carbon.) I suggest you request for a FREE Bontrager catalog too and check out the road bike rims there too ( any TREK bike dealer near you).

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    topolino makes some killer sets. the carbon core cx2.0 weight 1340 grams. i have a set and love it, stiff, light and fast. very durable.


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