On the show Y&R how many times has Victor Newman been married? And to who?

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    Prior to Nikki he was married to Julia, who was driven away by his uncontrollable rage and jealousy. Since Nikki he has been married to Ashley Abbott, Leanna Love (this marriage was questionably legal, as he had to divorce her before he could remarry Nikki), Hope Adams, Diane Jenkins and his most recent wife Sabrina Costelana. He's been married to Nikki on 3 separate occasions, but one of those marriages was deemed invalid.

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    Julia Newman Martin (divorced, 1977-1981)

    Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (divorced; first time, 1984-1988)

    Leanna Randolph (invalid, 1988)

    Ashley Abbott (divorced, 1990-1993)

    Hope Adams Wilson (divorced, 1994-1995)

    Diane Jenkins (divorced, 1997-1999)

    Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (invalid; second time, 1998-1999)

    Nicole "Nikki" Reed Newman (divorced; third time, 2002-2008)

    Sabrina Costelana (widowed; June 2008-Aug 2008)

    Victor has also had romantic dalliances with women like Lorie Brooks, Eve Howard, Jill Abbott, Cassandra Rawlins and Ramona Caceres.

    So he has been married a total of 7 times legally, 8 if you count Leanna, 9 if you count the the time he and Nikki were married on her deathbed (when he was actually married to Diane Jenkins).

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  • sandy
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    1 decade ago

    I believe Victor has been married 5 times - 3 times to Nicky

    Source(s): My memory
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  • ginnrc
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    His first wife was Julia and they divorced. Then he married Nicky the first time and they divorced right before Nicholas was born. Right after he divorced Nicky he eloped with Leanna Love but the marriage wasn't legal because there was a six month waiting period before the divorce decree could be signed. He later married Ashley then they divorced. Then he married Hope and they divorced right after Adam was born. Then he married Diane Richards then they divorced when she found out Nicky had talked him into having a vasectomy and he knew she wanted a baby. Then he & Nicky remarried and they divorced when he found out she was secretly working with one of his competitive companies. He recently married Sabrina who recently died. Out of his eight weddings only seven count since he & Leanna were not legally married.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I can't remember everybody, but there's Nikki, of course. She was a stripper when he met her. There was Hope, the blind woman who is Adam's mother. I think he might have been married to Ashley Abbott, but I can't remember for sure. I know that Abby is their child together. The last was Sabrina, Victoria's best friend.

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  • 10 kabillion times.

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