Why has feminism become so controvertial?

You can't deny that theres a lot of posts expressing strong emotions for or against feminism. Even though many claim to be for equality they might not share the views of feminists. I'm talking about modern feminism by the way.

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    Feminism is controversial here in this forum (to the anti-feminists) and it is upsetting to right-wing politicians (like McCain) and is hated by religious organizations run by people like Pat Robertson. Otherwise if you ask the average US citizen about current or recent legislation that feminists want, most people support it like making birth control available to adults who want to buy it:



    But we still have quite a few very conservative people running this country who don't really care what the US public believes or wants. Otherwise we wouldn't have to rely on Supreme Court decisions for women to have the right to a legal abortion and birth control. Even though the majority of Americans are pro-choice, half of the states have passed laws making abortion illegal if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade:


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    Many people have the misconception that feminism is about women ruling the world, and dominating men, when that isn't true. Although some feminists do support a world led by women only, the general concept of feminism is that women should have the same rights as men. Some people are ignorant about the historical and modern oppression of women in all parts of the world, and so do not see the need for women to fight for their rights.

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    Because modern western feminism is running out of steam, well more specifically women have all the same rights as men (wage gap is a myth , it doesn't take into account things like paid maternity leave , men on average work more overtime etc).

    Now Feminism is a multi million dollar industry, rather than pack up and leave, most modern feminist leaders are looking on superiority rather than just fairness and equality, this in effect is what has led to controversy.

    Feminists refuse to admit their own ideology is flawed and ruined by the man hating elements of it and factional infighting.

    There's also a fear that if it was acknowledge women are not always the victims, that it would take funding away from women's shelters and other such programs, so the feminist leaders will do anything to demonize men and claim its always the mans fault.

    This has led to a backlash against those elements and unfortunately the feminists who strive for equality are dragged in with the bad elements (unfortunately its always the loudest and most radical who get the media attention)

    Feminism on its own by the original definition was fine and for equality, but alot of feminists are striving beyond what the founding members strove for, and unintentionally (or sometimes intentionally) seek superiority.

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    Simply put it's because modern feminists are losing touch with women. They focus on one type of woman; one that is solely career minded, not really into having children; certainly not being a stay at home parent and they absolutely hate homemakers. They have insulted a large population of women by doing this.

    Not to mention they are really getting to the point where they are no longer needed and that is what many groups have come up against. The constitution and laws really do work we do not really need feminist groups like we use to so they are desperate to create a need when there is not much of a need anymore. I'm not saying there are not still areas that could use some improvement but there are not many.

    Feminist groups should step out of the political ring and stick to areas where they can be of more help like women related health issues getting more funding or information, support groups for crimes like rape, abuse those should still be there to help support victims of these crimes.

    But as for as lobbying for more "rights" well we already have what we need (women) to give us equal opportunity.

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    It's one of those issues that is easy to polarize. And around here, it is entertainment for those on the extremes of the issue to bait and taunt each other. If it wasn't for Sarah Palin, the average American wouldn't be giving feminism a thought, one way or another. And she's just brought in an amusing kind of confusion about the whole thing. Neither side can really believe she's a feminist.

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    Because most of what passes for "feminism" revolves around whether or not women should have the "right" to an abortion. Abortion has been one of the most controversial topics in our nation's history since slavery. Many believe it is a form of murder and should be illegal, others strongly believe a woman should be allowed to abort their baby for any reason.

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    misogynists are very anti-feminist and anti-women (but many women agree with them). these particular board is overrun by anti-feminists. they create a hostile environment here for feminists. in response, feminists (myself included) often lash right back at them.

    in the real world, there's lots of support for feminism. perhaps these angry men cant express themselves there and take out their feelings here.

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