Primary difference between the FBI and the Secret Service?

What are the primary differences between the FBI and the Secret Service? Does the Secret Service ONLY have jurisdictions over crimes that involve the President or the White House?

What agency is responsible for protecting federal judges? Would that be the U.S Marshalls?

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    The FBI is basically a plainclothes police force, that investigates crimes under Federal jurisdiction.

    The Secret Service's primary purpose is to protect the integrity of the currency - they are the agency that investigates counterfeiting, bank and wire fraud, and similar economic crimes. As a 'sideline' the Secret Service also provides bodyguards for members of the Executive Branch (Or candidates for it) that require them, and investigates threats against them.

    Yes, Federal Marshals protect judges and courts.


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    The secret service was established in 1865 primarily to suppress the counterfeiting of US currency.. today they are mandated by congress to carry out duel missions; the protection of national and visiting leaders ant to do criminal investigations

    The FBI is tasked to investigate and deal with terrorists, counter intelligence, cyber, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime, white collar crime, major thefts and violent crimes.

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