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I need some names for my story?

A need names for the following characters in a story I'm writing:

15 year old girl-

Boy she likes-

Girl's mom-

Her bankrupt grandma-

Her best friend-

Popular girl-

Boy who likes her-


Thanks! Best answer 10 points.

The best answer should have a name for every character I mentioned. And, good names, in your opinion.


I don't know who to choose for best answer! I love almost all the names! I think I'll choose one of each of your answer. And, the best answer will go to who I like out of the main girl's name.

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    -15 year old girl-

    Emmeline~ Lily~ April~ Hope~ Rachel~ Willow~ Dahlia~ Bree~ Madeline~ Cadence~ Olivia~ Isobel~ Paige~ Tiana~ Gabriella~ Natsha~ Juliana~ Claire~ Vivienne~ Lorelei

    -Boy she likes-

    Hunter~ Cole~ Benjamin~ Adam~ Daniel~ Ryan~ David~ Owen~ Lucas~ Dominic~ Gavin~ Tate~ Chase~ Brett~ Nathan~ Mitchell~ Zachary~ Wyatt~ Isaac~ Nolan

    -Girl's mom-

    Juliet~ Erica~ Danielle~ Nadine~ Michelle~ Renée~ Laura~ Bianca~ Abigail~ Trina~ Naomi~ Monica~ Jennifer~ Lisa~ Grace~ Adele~ Cassidy~ Jocelyn~ Emily~ Amelia

    -Her bankrupt grandma-

    Rose~ Thelma~ Sandra~ Adelaide~ Holly~ Dolores~ Jane~ Faith~ Shauna~ Marie~ Victoria~ Sara~ Tabitha~ Lynn~ Corinne~ Maeve~ Lydia~ Elizabeth~ Nina~ Charlotte

    -Her best friend-

    Hannah~ Piper~ Gwendolyn~ Sophia~ Caitlin~ Leona~ Tara~ Emma~ Penelope~ Annabelle~ Hailey~ Skylar~ Jillian~ Lila~ Heidi~ Aubrey~ Dawn~ Natalia~ Brenna~ Anna

    -Popular girl-

    Samantha~ Tiffany~ Kimberly~ Alexandra~ Alana~ Reese~ Jessica~ Melanie~ Zoe~ Adriana~ Mischa~ Hazel~ Violet~ Georgia~ Madison~ Kirstin~ Nicola~ Leah~ Robin~ Diana

    -Boy who likes her-

    Eliott~ Christopher~ Aiden~ Nicholas~ Gabriel~ Julian~ Wade~ Sean~ Asher~ Logan~ Jack~ Andrew~ Colton~ Scott~ Jace~ Liam~ Michael~ Evan~ Thomas~ Ryder



    George~ Robert~ Harris~ Luther~ Warren~ Maxwell~ Stuart~ Bryan~ William~ John


    Glenda~ Helen~ Macy~ Stella~ Leanne~ Nora~ Ursula~ Felicity~ Patience~ Mallory


    Marshall~ Frost~ Grey~ Shire~ Adlow~ Norman~ Levan~ Archer~ Townsend~ Alcott~ Wynters~ Eckhart~ Jasper~ McBrian~ Owens~ Lake~ Kennedy~ Manning~ Talbot~ Van Wyck~ Roscoe~ Zane~ Trevor~ Montgomery~ Grace~ Foster~ Lord~ Abbott~ Irwin~ Lawrence~ Preston~ Ashford~ Kovac~ West~ Garrett~ Chant~ Hunter~ Lang~ Bass~ Stanley~ Black~ James~ Prescott~ King~ Grant~ Ainsworth~ Stevens~ Brown~ Monroe~ Hale~ Taylor~ Albert~ Sharpe~ Camden~ Wheeler~ Hewett~ Marsden~ Acker~ Barber~ Douglas~ Norwood~ Cheney~ Daly~ Laythen~ Roland~ Floyd~ Hartman~ Orwin~ Lucas~ McDaniel~ Lovett~ Greene~ Devereaux~ Knight~ Neville~ Traille~ Smythe~ Geller~ Baker~ Lind~ Boss~ Payne~ Jacks~ Kenneth~ Clare~ Warren~ Lynch~ Madden~ Watters~ Bell~ Wolf~ Lock~ Fleming~ Barton~ Moore~ Rhosen~ Fisher~ Allister~ O'Neill~ Bailey~ Corebett~ Faraday~ Dawson~ Wright~Crane~ Daniels~ Nott~ Cash~ Fox~ Long~ Hart~ Williamson~ Ross~ Murphy~ Chase~ Parks~ Hollingsworth~ Fletcher~ Thomas~ Novak~ Truman~ Duprée~ Wylde~ Adler~ Quarry~ Morgan~ Reid~ Hall~ Vernon~ McCall~ Cross~ Arrow~ Lane~ Griffin~ Ramsey~ Samson~ Little~ DeVane~ Scorpio

    Or, you could do what I do sometimes and pop in a DVD and go straight to the closing credits. You'll find tons of interesting names there and they're not in alphabetical order so you won't get bored looking through them.

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    Okay, so these are names that I think would probably suit your characters. By the way, I'm really interested in seeing what you're writing. Feel free to share if you ever need a second opinion. Good Luck!

    15 year old girl- Michelle Walker

    Boy she likes- Nathan Borrowdale

    Girl's mom- Jennifer Walker

    Her bankrupt grandma- Patricia Walker

    Her best friend- Natalie Cole

    Popular girl- Bridget Wilson

    Boy who likes her- Nick Sampson

    Teacher- Mr. Johnson

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    These are some names that I like.. And I think should suffice for your story.

    15 year old girl- Lillian Grace Jenson

    Boy she likes- Ian James Wilford

    Girl's mom- Marie Jenson

    Her bankrupt grandma- Elizabeth Marie Jenson

    Her best friend- Sasha Livens

    Popular girl- Yvonne Clark

    Boy who likes her- Justin Clemens

    Teacher- Mr. Jack J. (Jerry) Paxston .... and if female .... Mrs. Cynthia Paxton ....

    That's what I came up with. Im not too hype about the Clemens one, but I gave it a shot. Good luck.

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    I'll list four or more names for each character; that way, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

    15 year old girl:

    Elizabeth Hansel "Libby"

    Lily Burr

    Clarissa Duncan "Clare"

    Anya Channing

    Catherine Kelly

    Chloe Wiater

    Boy she likes:

    Casey Alvin

    Dean Randal

    Marshall Worth "Marsh"

    Aaron Angus

    Girl's mom (I'll use the same last names as the girl and first names that were popular in the 60s-70s):

    Lisa Hansel

    Kimberly Burr

    Amy Duncan

    Melissa Channing

    Jennifer Kelly "Jen"

    Bankrupt granny (I'll use names popular in the 1950s):

    Linda Hansel

    Mary Burr

    Barbara Duncan "Babs"

    Carol Channing

    Deborah Kelly

    Her best friend:

    Zoe Douglas

    Mackenzie Logan "Mickey" or "Kenzy"

    Alexis Scott "Lexi"

    Maren McDowell "Mar" or "Mar-Mar"

    Audrey Ogden

    Noelle Hurst

    Popular girl:

    Brianna Simon "Bree"

    Megan Matthews

    Caitlin McClure

    Tiana Williams "Tia"

    Olivia Samuels "Liv"

    Boy who likes her:

    Martin Jetter "Marty"

    Zachary Dering "Zack"

    Mitchell Ames "Mitch"

    Timothy Tritz "Tim"

    Matteo Boyd "Matt"

    Teacher (I'll list male and female names):

    Eric Sullivan

    David Campbell

    Jonathon Cowan

    Erin McGrath (female)

    Marie Marcus

    Also, here are some great websites for first names:

    And here are some for last names:

    Don't forget to tell us which names you end up using! (:

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    The Fifteen Year old Girl Names could be:


    A comman teenager Name :)


    Just sounds like the guy would most likly be hot...

    -The Girls mom could be Kelly

    it's a sufisticated name, thats Kindof grown up :)

    -The Gradma could Be Sylvia Or Ida

    Idk Why :P

    -Her Best friend can be Amber

    I love that name :P Lol Very Pretty

    -Katie, Or Jenna, Or Kaylee, Or even Brooke :)

    -The boy in love with popular chick could possibaly be... Jordan

    -And Lastly the teacher, if it's a nice young teacher, Miss. Joleane Wilhelm

    If it's an old mean teacher Mrs. Herriet Cogghill

    Good luck :)

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    15 year old girl- Bailie Collette

    Boy she likes- Jac Chelman

    Girl's Mom-Natalie Collette

    Her Bankrupt grandma- Faith Collette

    Her Best Friend-Olivia Phillips

    Popular Girl- Angel Wadsworth

    Boy who likes her- Gregory Drew

    Teacher- Mr/Mrs. Wendling

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    Alexis Cooper

    Mathew Thomas

    Elaine Cooper

    Janice Cooper

    Stephanie Ladaine

    Loretta Jolin

    Jordan Crindo

    Kelly/ Kelvin Boreo

    I made up the last names

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    15 year old girl- Jane Claridge

    Boy she likes- Ben(jamin) Grey

    Girl's mom- Lucy Claridge

    Her bankrupt grandma- Amelia O'Connor

    Her best friend- Emily Hart

    Popular girl- Bailey Nunn

    Boy who likes her- Adam Hansen

    Teacher- Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Rice

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    15 year old girl - Emily

    Boy she likes- Daniel

    Girl's mom- Rachel

    Her bankrupt grandma- Julia

    Her best friend- Hannah

    Popular girl- Kate

    Boy who likes her- Andrew/James

    Teacher- Mr./Mrs. Phillips

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    --15 year old girl: Chelsea; Hannah; Ashley

    --Boy she likes: Dylan; Ben; Andrew; Alex

    --Girl's mom: Lisa; Caroline

    --Her bankrupt grandma: Sandra; Dorothy; Kathy

    --Her best friend: (I assume you mean the 15 year old girls best friend?): Abby/Abbie; Liz

    --Popular girl: Kim; Vicky; Jordan; Ashley

    --Boy who likes her: Austin; Nick; Matt

    --Teacher: Samantha; Catherine...if a guy: Christopher; Peter

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