animal science and mangement information?

i want to major in animal science but i found on the UC Davis website that they offer an Aninal Science AND Management B.S degree. So is it a mixed of animal and business? What jobs can you do with this degree and what is the average salary?

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    Their link for "Career & Internship Opportunities" doesn't open up any thing for me so I don't know for sure what jobs. Most likely it will relate to the Agriculture industry.

    You could also get this degree and then continue on to a vet school, then you'd be a Veterinarian.


    The Animal Science and Management major focuses on preparing students for a management career in agribusiness and related industries. The major provided an extensive base of courses in agribusiness, including marketing, economics, and accounting. At the same time, the student receives foundation courses in the animal sciences.

    The Bachelor of Science program in Animal Science and Management has attracted students who want a fundamental background in the natural sciences and business management.

    The Major Program

    The Animal Science and Management major combines a thorough education in the basic biology of domestic animal species with a strong background in agricultural economics. Graduates of this interdisciplinary major will be well positioned to adjust to our rapidly changing world and job market.

    The Program.

    The interdisciplinary program in Animal Science and Management combines a fundamental background in the natural sciences (chemistry, biology, physiology, nutrition, genetics, mathematics, and behavior), with an understanding of economics and humanities. After completing preparatory courses, students focus on both the animal species that interest them (horses, cattle, sheep, companion animals, goats, fish, crustaceans or mollusks, among others) and principles of managerial economics (marketing, finance, business organization or systems analysis). Students preparing for medical or veterinary school can meet professional entrance requirements with those of this major if they plan ahead.

    Career Alternatives.

    Job opportunities for successful graduates are plentiful and include positions with banking and financial institutions, agribusiness, Peace Corps, and farms of all scales. Most Animal Science and Management graduates are well prepared for professional study (medical, law, veterinary, and graduate business schools) as well as graduate research programs leading to the M.S. or Ph.D. degrees. Advanced degrees open doors to work as extension specialists, farm advisers, and teachers, and prepare students for international service.

    Check out CalPoly's Careers and Internships links to get an idea of Agriculture careers

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    That sounds like what a friend of mine is taking. She'll be taking a mix of business and science courses. This is the sort of thing you'll want to take if you're interested in running an animal facility of some sort -- a zoo, wildlife sanctuary, farm, and so on. There are probably other things you can do with it, but I'm not sure what.

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    The term management may refer to wildlife management or species managment. I work in the fish and wildlife field, and I took wildlife management courses. The management refers to aspects of managing species through legislation, control of harvest, ecosytem/habitat improvment, and so forth. I work in Ontario, and make $55000 year currently , and have been out of school for 4 years now.

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