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Don't you "un-informed confused don't know what you're angry at libs" realize what Neocon means?

It means the "new conservative" It was basically morphing of a conventional big government spend alot democrat with an aggressive geopolitical agenda to push democracy ( sometimes attributed to repubs) A political party mulatto if you like. They took over the republican party like the wacko left took over the dems. You dems have your dna in the genes of those you hate.


only angry with ignorant posters who spout nonsense with little knowledge of what they are talking about

Update 2:

oh yes, citing wikipedia will always prove you an expert......

Update 3:

its great to see pop culture teaching our youngsters history

Update 4:

I should know better, never argue with an idiot, they have more experience.

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    The "neo cons" were traitors. They were democrats who abandoned the party in favor of Ronald Reagan.

    Liberals have always hated them, no surprise they still do.

  • on in the wikipedia definition. It is also the ideology and belief that no other form of belief is right. It is a right-wing political philosophy that was born in the 60s, denouncing everything that had any correlation with Liberal ideology. It is as far right as you can get without being considered a "fascist." There cannot possibly be another way to effectively run the government. For more examples, see

    EDIT: I didn't cite wikipedia...I said continue reading on in its definition because, clearly, you have no idea what you are talking about.

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    I love when people try to claim someone else doesn't know what they are talking about, playing as if they are an expert on politics, then gives a completely false and inaccurate description of what they say everyone else doesn't know about.

    It is quite entertaining.

    your wiki term of neocon describes only one small emergence of an alternate-conservative movement within the mainstream movement known s neoconservative.

    it has been used more than once to decribe several different movements that emerged at different times within the mainstream conservative movement.

    your term also does not refer to the latest emergence of neoconservative movement or the most popular.

    Maybe you should read more political science books before trying to proclaim yourself as an expert.

    and btw your view of what a neocon is, more aptly fits a neoliberal.

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    Yep! Some of these Christians need to read the "Christian Science Monitor". They're the one's who defend Bush and the neocons. The "liberals" that you're berating are not the one's who voted for Bush. And the neocons have republican genes in them as well. Isn't that obvious?

    Source(s): So now I suppose it's the democrat's fault that the Supreme Court selected Bush? Did you ever consider that the democrats had enough sense to get rid of the neocons and the republicans put them in charge? Just read "Liberal Asskicker's" answer. He's a proud republican. He's the one you should be attacking.
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    Whoa! Way to shift the blame! Good personal responsibility on the GOP's part. Since these are the people who run with an R next to their names and scream about liberals and Democrat moonbats, I won't swallow your inane rhetoric.

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    Most of them don't know, and like to bat it around like some kind of dirty word. They also like to throw around the word "con". I myself prefer the term "barking moonbat liberal" as a pejorative.

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    Hmmm. You seem a little angry. Perhaps you should count to ten...if you can

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    No.....The killer bees moved to the left.

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