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quick bio question please??

Which of the following is true?

A) for natural selection to occur, phenotypic variation must be present in a population

B) natural selection acts by favoring specific genotypes in populations


which subdisciplines of biology examines & studies nature at its highest levels of organization?

a) genetics

b) ecology

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    Hello (:

    Let me give you a brief outline of Darwin's theory!

    1. Organisms have great potential to reproduce

    2. Unfortunately there are environmental constraints i.e. the environment cannot sustain infinitely large populations

    3. Hence there is struggle for survival

    4. Variation in individuals leads to some being more able to survive than others [most of these traits are heritable i.e. beak size in Galapagos Finches, unlike muscles of bodybuilders] i.e. environment serves as the selection pressure

    5. Since like produces like, there is a change in gene pool i.e. more favourable alleles' frequency in gene pool is increased, leading to evolution and eventually speciation

    Hence A is true - because the environment selects for certain favourable traits i.e. phenotypes. According to Darwin, there first has to be variation.

    B cannot be true because natural selection doesn't select directly for specific genotypes - but this is kinda vague. If you argue correctly B can actually be accepted marginally.

    On to your second question: B

    The HIGHEST LEVELS of ORGANIZATION, imho, would definitely be ecology because it is way more macroscopic than ecology.

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    Answer: Do your own homework. You will never learn it if you cannot figure it out on your own.

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    b & b

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