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CRISTY asked in Business & FinanceInsurance · 1 decade ago

My Car insurance Company deleted my 1 car off my policy and charged........?

Okay so My insurance Company (Titan) affiliated with Eastwood, did this to me....I originally went in their office on or about 1/7/08 to get auto insurance for my Toyota Camry 93" and I was paying about 87.00 bucks a month for just liability, Then on 7/7/08 I went in to add a Jepp Commander 07' and I asked for full cov, on the jeep and liability on the Camry along with other perks. So my agreed total a month for both cars was 205.00 a month then I payed in July my new amount then in august and then September came, I saw that my insurance was cancelled! why? then that my Camry was removed from the policy and keep in mind that I had already started to pay my new amount for 2 cars. Then they say that, that was the amount only for the jeep. I have a paper that states the day I went in to add a car not remove or delete a car, so far does anyone think I might be able to have them refund me or what can I get out of this cause its really not fair my husband was driving for 3 months without insurance like we thought on the Camry and were paying more! Also they refuse any documents on their behalf and never received my new policy in the mail.

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    If you have an agreement or document that clearly states what the premium for ONLY the new car is, then you can most definitely get your money back.

    It seems to me like they replaced a car in your policy instead of adding it, and that way dropped the old car. The amount that you paid in the beginning could have been a downpayment on the new car.

    If they dont want to assist you with a clear breakdown on paper, you have the right as a consumer to report their negligence to the Department of Insurance in your state. Give them the license# of the agent and theyll take care of it. (license# should be on your paperwork).

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    unfortunately they made a mistake and it has ended up costing you more than you thought. there really isn't much you can do as they have the right to charge you the correct amount for the policy. one thing you need to do is get proof from them that the Camry was insured the entire time or the dmv may be notified you have a tagged car with no insurance on it. they CAN and SHOULD fix that for you. although everyone makes mistakes, it sounds like they made more than one on just this transaction for you....maybe its time to find a new agent who pays attention to details.

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    My Car insurance Company deleted my 1 car off my policy and charged........?

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    1 decade ago

    insurance companies do what they like I bet its in ther small print

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