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Does anyone else think that the Yankees would make a big mistake going after AJ Burnett?

A.J. Burnett has a career winning percentage of 54 % and pitched 200 innings 3 times. I think he could be another Pavano in the making.

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    The bad thing about Burnett is that he walks way too many hitters, and if he were to give up too many base runners here and there, a home run in the home run friendly ballpark can really just ruin AJ Burnett.

    The plus for Burnett is that he can K a lot of hitters and thats a plus when playing in a hitter's ballpark.

    He has had injury problems before, but he have played the last four seasons pretty solid. I think health wouldnt be a issue in New York. But there are other factors that mite hurt the Yanks. And I believe that AJ would look for a pay raise from his new ballclub.

    If I were the Yanks, I would try for CC Sabathia or Ben Sheets. That can really help turn around their starting piching.

  • Josh89
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    1 decade ago

    Burnett has had a history of injuries,thats one of the main reasons he's only tossed 200 inning 3 times and he's played on bad teams like the Marlins and Blue Jays so that will screw you of some wins...If the Yankees are making a choice between him and Sheets,i'd choose him because Sheets is already having injurie problems this year while Burnett isn't having a bad year.

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    Although Burnett walks a lot of batters, he also can get alot of K. He would be a nice addition to the Yankees starting rotation because I doubt that we're going to see Carl Pavano, Andy Pettite, and Mike Mussina on the Yankees again.

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    AJ Burnett pitching to even the sequence and supply the Yankees a first rate shot at triumphing this element or positioned the Yankees down 3-a million, wanting to have our precise 3 sweep their precise 3, which includes Cliff Lee to win? it is not comparable to AJ folds under pressure or something... wait. i think of Moseley ought to get the commencing up. fairly, i presumed AJ ought to have started the day until eventually now at present, throwing the interest, with CC stepping into video games a million, 4, and seven, Pettitte in 2 and 6, and Hughes in interest 5. Then the Yankees could have been predicted to win this night and have our precise 3 starters stepping into basic terms wanting to win a million or 2 (possibly a million, in view that Andy could probable have won interest 2), possibly keeping off a interest 7 altogether. CC is lots greater proper on short relax than on long relax. yet Girardi sucks, tremendously at handling pitchers. i'm hoping he's taking the activity with the Cubs next year. i will think of of four accessible managers i could extremely have than him: Joe Torre, Bobby Valentine, Willie Randolph, and Luis Soho (to no longer boot common, yet he replaced right into a minor league supervisor for the Yankees and did o.k.). The Yankees perfect shot this night is to triumph over up on Hunter, it is fairly possible, and get Burnett out of the interest early, giving Moseley 4 or 5 innings. i could extremely basically provide Moseley the commencing up although. Burnett shouldn't additionally be on the roster, i could want Moseley for 4 innings and Nova for 4 innings, combining to make a million large commence.

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    I think he would be fine if he could stay healthy and the Yankees produce like the Yankees can!

    Them Florida pitchers have fallen off a bit tho!

    Beckett didnt look as good at times this seaon

    What happen to Brad Penny?

    Pavo has had to battle injuries!

    I believe Burnett easily has the best record of them 4!

    For this season anyway!

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    It depends on what they would have to give up. The Yankees are in desperate need of pitching and, when healthy, Burnett is better than anyone they have.

  • Isa L
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    1 decade ago

    The past 5 years almost everything the Yankees have done is a mistake.

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    Traditionally, they will but I hope they learnt their lessons and at least try to sign someone useful.

    I think AJ should come back to NL, probably to any team in the East other than Marlins or something.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Big mistake! We need good constant Pitching. They need to go after CC from the Brewers.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think Burneett--being an overhype loser--would be a perfect fit for the Skankees.

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