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    What is uterine fibroids?

    When the doctor told you: "You're a long uterine fibroids," We believe that the first reaction was: This is my cancer? In fact, uterine fibroids in the uterus is long "sarcoma", but also middle-aged women the most common benign tumor, which took place chances of the disease very low in women over the age of 35 on average, every 4-5 months there will be a Members suffering from uterine fibroids. Therefore, the understanding of uterine fibroids is very important.

    Uterine fibroids are the symptoms

    No symptoms or do not feel comfortable

    Abnormal bleeding: As if the uterine fibroids in the uterine muscle length of the endometrial lining near the bottom of the site, and easily lead to contraction of the uterus or negative impact on the integrity of the endometrium and maintenance, resulting in a large number of menstrual bleeding and with great A blood clot blocks, of course, will be irregular bleeding

    Lower abdominal pain

    Oppressive symptoms: When a certain level leiomyomas large, the oppression will have a situation in the vicinity of the organ.

    Urinary frequency or urgency: fibroids oppression to the bladder

    Constipation: fibroids oppression to the rectum

    How do I know whether there is a fibroid?

    In general, if women suspected to have uterine fibroids, to obstetrics and gynecology clinic or hospital ultrasound to determine the size of the fibroids.

    If the uterine fibroids how to do?

    Do not have surgery: In general, the growth of fibroids and a certain period of the relationship, so if the fibroids are not great, and did not cause inconvenience to the daily life in post-menopausal fibroids will gradually reduce their own and do not need surgery .


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    Medicine: There are no drugs fibroids will not only enable the drug to reduce fibroids for the time being.

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    Surgery: In general, uterine fibroids do not need an operation. However, if too large fibroids (more than 6-8 cm), younger or too large fibroid growth and the impact of living very drama, may consider surgery. Operation in two ways:

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    Fibroids removed:

    Advantages: a smaller operation, a shorter recovery period

    Disadvantages: fibroids may relapse again

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    Uterus removed:

    Advantages: there will not be fibroid tumors or problems

    Disadvantages: prone to the phenomenon of adhesion, and a longer recovery period, the children can not be

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    With regard to hysterectomy and subsequent psychological and physical effects, as very little research, it is not possible on this part of the assessment.

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    Avoid hormone therapy

    Since the hormone treatment would stimulate the growth of fibroids, so climacteric women in the decision to accept hormone therapy, should first determine whether they have

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    uterine fibroids, breast cancer, and other physical phenomena, and after careful evaluation before making a decision.


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