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    Hello Everybody

    I am very pleased to see you guys here. My name is 000, 27 years old but I wish to be young forever just like you people. In Taiwan, I have two years experience of teaching elementary and kidtergarten students. Presently, I suspend my job temporarily and continue my study back to school.

    I am agressive and I deeply believe that study should be endless, therefore I always do my best when I decide to do something. In this classroom, I hope eveyone can feel learning pleasure and enjoy it. Finally, I am looking forward to joining you and I hope everyone will get massive learning proceeds during the time of staying together.

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    Everyone good:

    I am very happy to can meet with everyone here.I am 27 years old 000 this years, but I hope that I can be like you forever one young.At Taiwan, I have two years, elementary school and two years, kindergarten teaching experience, temporarily let go of the work currently, return to school to continue to study.

    My personality is aggressive, and I believe and learn to have no exert, therefore when I decide to do a certain matter, I definitely go all out, in this classroom, I hope that everyone also cans feel the happiness of learning, and has a passion for learning.

    Expecting very much can participate in everyone to together learn and also hope for getting along with of these several days, can let everyone harvest to enrich.Thank.


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