Is the Palin email hack a GOP scam?

There are details regarding the alleged hack that seem to not fit if this was really a 'leftist' hacker. If he, as is claimed, opened every email, why did he not just post the entire text everywhere on the web? Why didn't he open the "Nizich, Michael A (GOV) FW: CONFIDENTIAL Ethics Matter Thu, 8/7/08 3KB Read" email and post that? Wouldn't every one want to know what's in that one? Will the FBI followup even if it leads to the GOP? Isn't it just too convenient that Palin has now been able to delete questionable emails sent as governor? Knowing Yahoo!, the account might be deleted, but the emails are still around - I hope the emails themselves may become part of the investigation.


Before any one asks, the questionable aspect of the emails is whether a governor should be conducting business through a Yahoo! account.

I'm assuming the hacker is 'leftist' from his mentioned wish to find something incriminating (he said he didn't).

This would not have been carried out by any republican, it would have had to have been arranged by the campaign, maybe a rogue aspect of the campaign.

It brings lots of advantages:

1) Diverts attention away from the economy (as much as it can anyway with all the news were getting)

2) Makes libs look bad and allows right wing talk show nuts to blame the Obama compaign

3) Makes it look as though Palin did not have anything to hide in these emails

4) Gives her a chance to delete the email accounts in question so they can't be requested / subpoenaed

All in all, a win for the GOP, so it only seems logical they are behind it.

Update 2:

Another obvious glaring sign its a SCAM from a simple fact that everyone seems to be overlooking. The screenshot of the e-mail subject lines clearly depict messages that appear to be Delivery and/or Read receipts of E-mails sent. Anyone that has a true Yahoo account will tell you, there is no function in Yahoo mail to allow for read or delivery receipt messages.

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    1 decade ago
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    You Obama supporters are determined to believe it is a GOP scam, and probably nothing anybody else says will convince you otherwise.

    I HIGHLY doubt it was done by a Republican.

  • Bubuh
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    1 decade ago

    I've read stories on that, but no where did I see political view of the hacker.

    I think these things usually have simplest answer. Like some hacker dude hacking out of curiosity. And it wasn't some seriously technical hack either. Some dude used Yahoo password retrieving system to grab Palin's password by guessing security questions.

    And Palin/McCain never accused liberals or democrats. I mean they got much bigger issue than this little hack job. They recently have been trading punches on economic issues. They were both taking on economic issue and not avoiding it if you've seen they're speeches today. This hacking thing is least of their worry right now. So I don't know how hack job is supposed to divert attention from current financial crisis when McCain/Palin were directly addressing it today and criticizing Obama on his plan to fix current problems in financial market. I don't know how it make it appear Palin don't have anything to hide. I mean the issue on hacking is that someone invaded her privacy by stealing password to her personal Yahoo email and not that she had something to hide.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your hypthesis is not a 'conspiracy theory', but rather the result of a critical analysis of the facts as they have been presented. I wish I could answer your several questions, but I have no more information than you. I might make the point that with this development, Sarah Palin immediately becomes the victim AND the pitbull. She's got it both ways: poor-little-me (for those voters motivated by sympathy) and get-behind-me toughness (for those seeking blind certainty in a leader).

    By the way, has she said how she stands on the government being able to monitor anyone's telephone and Emails without warrants?

  • 1 decade ago

    Now this question is totally a projection thing put forth by a dem/lib. Since they are capable of doing such things they consider that every one is capable of doing something like this. NO, it's not a GOP scam. It's someone with a liberal agenda that's on the verge of occupying a jail cell. Just because one group is in the gutter that doesn't mean the other will follow.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Palins email account had been hacked into which is a violation of the law is under of investigation by the FBI.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The Palin's now refuse to testify in 'Trooper-gate' and red flags are going up all over. I wouldn't trust them any further than I can throw them.

  • sorry to disappoint you liberals again on the dishonest dirty tricks end of things, but hey its your ''MO'' your bright so u figured that out all by yourself, your pattern is so freaking old news...a big wig..son in college did it ''College''........''NOT FOR LONG'' ....Schools out

    Sonny going BYE sources

    trust me much more informative than yours....tell me Secret Service

    FBI & a few more Govt entities involved, HomeLand Security, etc.

    anyway, my in-law..on inside,,,,,so sad to bad, sunny boy will serve source says..........if he sings like a canary & tells who put him up to it...........a plea is a possibility.i myself doubt

    because there are favors my friend Republicans haven't stooped to the Liberal Democratic Political Machine type of Politics

    all that's your bag, always has been i can close my eyes and see you in the cemetery getting those votes, Democratic Mantra

    ''VOTE EARLY---VOTE OFTEN'' Check the real Machine Hudson County want fraud, Daley [Chic] an Alter Boy

    next to JERSEY

  • 1 decade ago

    Totally a scam . Plus if its true and thats the best stuff they could find on their they just gave me a great reason to vote for her .

  • Hung H
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    1 decade ago

    You libs are never short on a conspiracy theory when you are losing

  • 1 decade ago

    This could be possible

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