Why do women have sex with random men?

I'm 18 (18 is the British drinking age)

My friends keep asking me to go out drinking every Friday and Saturday

I really don't want to go out drinking because I don't want to spend money on alcohol. I told them this and they keep nagging me it is pissing me off.

They said come out you need a girlfriend (because I never had one) I said "No, I don't need a girlfriend!" and they said I'm boring because I don't want a girlfriend and waste money on something that doesn't benefit me.

I hate parties they are a waste of time it does nothing to benefit me. I really don't want a girlfriend and no I am NOT gay. Also I'm a virgin and I don't want to have sex until I meet the right person.

I've been called "gay" just because I turned down this girl who was a ****. Oh yeah, Um... Do you think I'm strange because I listen to classical music (I listen other genres also)? It is just this girl told me I'm strange because I listen to classical music. I don't see the point of relationship if it's all about sex and stuff like that. I mean why can't girls just sit down and talk. I would rather a relationship to be a bit more caring, loyalty and trust, than having sex. I don't impose this on anyone btw. I know most girls are like whores they just want men for money and pleasure. I know these days kids usually turn to drink and sex because they have no morals.

What should I tell them?


Do you think I'm weird?

Is there a girl who isn't interested in sex? because I ain't.

I even been told I haven't got a "man brain" because I have no interest in sex.

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    You my friend, are in the wrong crowd of people if they don't respect you and who you are.

    You like classical music, so what, its up to you want you like, don't given to peer pressure.

    Your not weird for not liking sex, yeah there is women out there that like to sit and talk with caring men, your just looking or going to the wrong places.

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    Nope, you're not weird... just mature! Your friends may not be able to understand your perspective, because sadly it is very different to a lot of 18 year old's. I'd suggest go out with your friends if you want to, you don't have to drink alcohol or do anything that you're not comfortable with. Suggest fun activities so that the entire focus of the night doesn't have to be drinking and picking up girls.Your friends will eventually respect you for standing firm. Not all girls are after men for money and pleasure, don't give up on all of us! There is nothing wrong with appreciating classical music; again it shows a maturity that a lot of 18 year olds don't have. Be confident in who you are and be positive- be cautious about appearing judgemental. People do the drinking/promiscuity thing for many reasons, often because they are lonely and want to be respected/loved and don't know a better way to achieve this . Find people who share your views or will at least respect them, and focus on building friendships. If you really have absolutely NO interest in sex, that would be unusual. Sex in itself isn't a bad thing! Certainly there are girls who be interested in you for your personality and the fact that you respect them.

    All the best!

    Source(s): I'm 22, a Christian, and been happily married for 1 1/2 yrs.
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    For your age,that's so amazing really.Well,the fact that you want to have a real relationship first is hard for girls your age I bet to understand.But I would say to them that you are simply unique in that you have many different tastes than the average guy your age.Sometimes unique is hard to accept but there is no reason to change.You will one day find the right person that you are compatable with and may come to care for her very much.then,at the right time ,with the right person without being pressured ,it will come naturally because all the right things will be in place when the time is right.If you consider most woman to be whores,then you must consider men-including yourself to be the same.Until,men and woman learn to value each other and themselves,many will not desire to be anything else.The problem with society as a whole I believe is that teens are not taught much by their parents and learn mostly from each other alot of wrong things.Then,they mix up sex with Love and think that sex is the answer to a good relationship.They lose apart of themselves each time and then they think that is the way it's supposed to be.It is a terrible error in judgement and one that has hurt many in many ways.That's why we were given marriage and commitment.It is lacking alot today.Many have become disposable relationships that have no real meaning.Waiting is best for all teens I believe as you have so much more to see and do and experience in life.You do not need an early broken heart or meaningless encounters to be All you can be.You are also making good choices to avoid parties and alchol.You are more mature for your age than many of your friends and need to be strong to set a good example.Don't let then weigh you down.You are really one step ahead of them.And classical music rocks!

  • Not so much weird as much as it is just you are not like your friends or like the majority of young men.

    Most guys are wired such that seeing a woman unclothed is enough to put their sex drive into overdrive. For some poor slobs, it takes less than that. I believe that is what they are referring to as "man brain". The exceptions to this rule are so rare that it becomes easier to think that the guy is gay rather than there might be a straight man who does not have that characteristic.

    I think your problem may be that you are hanging with the wrong crowd for you. There are women who enjoy classical music and most women enjoy thoughful conversation if and when the can actually have one with a man. Many women believe that most if not all men have conversations with women with their eyes firmly fixed on the woman's breasts. Hence, you might get the "if only there were more men like you" posts.

    It does make me curious about how these guys are your friends though.

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    oh where was a nice guy like you when i was 18, really if people think your weird for listening to classical music and having some self respect then just take a look at the moron saying that.

    i listen to classical music to and i don't drink, still i listen to rock, pop and alternative, music is really about what your feeling like listening to at that moment.

    also i'm in Australia the drinking age is also 18, and when i was your age my mates said the same to me, i realised they aren't really my mates if they put me down.

    and most of those girls sound like slappers, what you need to find is a nice girl brought up right, i know that's hard to find these days but they are out there if your willing to overlook how she might look on the outside.

    any young girl would be lucky to have you as her partner, if i wasn't so much older and in another country i would definitely consider you a catch.

    not all girls are interested in money, sex and getting trashed.

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    ur not strange ol boy =P

    lol u proly havent been dat attracted 2 a girl enuff 2 want 2 have sex wit and hey man dats kool.. take ur time wats the rush u know? as for the classical music? u proly just not talking 2 the rite types of gurls bcuz i will let u know 2 me some one who listens 2 classical music is a romantic... ;-) and i like dat cuz ima romantic

    so bottom line is dat u are proly hanging wit the rong crowd

    look 4 some one who shares ur interest and btw .... dnt tell ur frend s ur a virgin they wil just give u a hard time just dnyt mention it okay =P trust me it will make ur life easier

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    No...you are not weird, but, you are SPECIAL!!

    I salute you..

    You can resist all that thing..

    In this world maybe others think that you are weird...

    But look at the sky.. Does him who create us think that you're weird?

    No, you are so special..

    Again, I salute you..

    Prepare your life from now on can be the best way for your future..

    CAuse drinking alcohol ain't..

    And remember, we have our own fate... if you dont have interest at a girl right now...its alright..

    IF your destiny says you have one....

    at the end, you will have your true soulmate..


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    So, ....what's your question.

    I respect that you're willing to wait for the right one, most guys these days aren't like that.

    But don't think all girls are whores, it's not like you know all the girls in this world, so, why don't you think before you say something like that.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    not all girls are interested in sex

    i just think you should relax

    you dont have to find a gf to go out wit ur friends

    just go out have friends and when your least expecting it youll find one

    but atm your not giving ny girl a chance so youll neva find anyone if you keep this attitude

    and just remember not everyone wants sex

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    When we are young we are often stupid, naive and do drunk and slutty things. I would say you would have to be in a club atmosphere to run across a woman like this. Back in the day I had some serious regrets.

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