Can you love someone and cheat on them?

I really love my girl friend with all my heart but there has been alot on insentive to cheat on her since i moved away to college. I dont know if you can actually be love with someone if you cheat on them. Do i actually love her if i cheat on her or im i just fooling myself into thinking i love. I know one thing is for sure that it would be horrible if we did break up i would be so hurt but its hard to stay with someone i get to see once a month.

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    All these people saying that you can't possibly cheat on someone if you love them are naive.

    Does it make sense for guys to go along with the idea that they will never have sex with anyone else ever again, when the biological imperative of the male is to mate with as wide a variety of partners as possible.

    At the same time, the biological imperative of the female is to find a man who will stay with her and provide for her children, and a man who is mating with other women may be tempted to instead provide for the children he has with one of those other women.

    So what is love? Love is the insane state of the male to agree to violate his biological imperative to meet her biological imperative. So by this definition, if you're willing to have sex with another woman, you can't be in love, but OTOH, if you're willing to give up the opportunity to have sex with other women, you're insane.

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    Can you love someone and cheat on them?

    I really love my girl friend with all my heart but there has been alot on insentive to cheat on her since i moved away to college. I dont know if you can actually be love with someone if you cheat on them. Do i actually love her if i cheat on her or im i just fooling myself into thinking i love. I...

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    I cannot understand why so many people use the word "cheat" to describe negative behavior in a relationship. I think cheating is what a dishonest player does in a game - IS LOVE A GAME?

    Deceitful conduct in a relationship you say you value indicates lack of maturity, lack of respect toward self or partner, and/or lack of decent human ethics. If you are not trustworthy to those you love most, who do you plan to be worthy of trust to?

    Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Does this seem like a worn out concept? Not really cuz it makes perfect sense.

    Being "faithful" to your romantic interest will not guarantee you get a perfect partner in return. But be as honest as you possibly can so you don't have regrets eating away at your time, heart and thoughts.

    You are young, alive and human. It's likely you will notice certain others are attractive. Just understand, a girlfriend deserves to be involved with a partner who isn't so weak he/she will swap spit and exchange bodily fluids with strangers behind her back.

    Best of Luck with Your Studies!

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    If there isn't trust, and honesty in a relationship, there isn't anything! If you cheat, you aren't being honest with either girl, and if your girl friend finds out, she won't trust you. If you feel that you need to cheat, you need to part with your girlfriend, and shop around until you have someone that you love you so much you don't have to cheat on her. You'll love her, and never want to hurt her. Cheating on someone will hurt them alot!! Just remember, distance only makes the heart stronger. Look up the song I want to grow old with you, By Westlife. Great song!! Recommend you listen to the words!!

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    If you saying that you love her, then you wouldn't cheat on her. You would be contradicting yourself. You would be hurting her just by cheating on her. You knew that you were going off to college and there would be a lot of girls that would try to talk to you and try to have sex with you and even though they try to hit on you, you should resist them because if you love your girlfriend, you wouldn't do that to her, especially if ya'll have been together for a while. Whenever you do go back and see her, you just make the best of it when ya'll get some time alone. Until then, release your "energy" another way.

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    Out of sight, out of mind, huh? Makes it easier being so far away doesn't it? Don't do it, unless you break up FIRST. Girls hold on to that kind of thing FOREVER and you will be forever be known as the dick who broke her heart if you cheat on her. Call and talk to her about this. Maybe she is going through the same exact thing, or is thinking about cheating on YOU. Don't have sex with anyone else until you clear the air with her first. It will suck breaking up, but you will have done the right thing to at least tell her.

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    Long distance relationships can really confuse your love for someone. If you really do love her, you wouldn't even think of cheating. I suggest you break it off with her just to spare her the worst pain and find a girl in your college.

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    If you are even considering cheating on the person you so call love then you really don't love them.

    If you love your girlfriend you want to be with her forever. That is what true love is. You don't want to hurt her or break up with her yet you want to cheat on her? That isn't right. I don't think you can say you love her if you are considering cheating. Sure it may be tough not being able to see her as often BUT! If you truly love her that won't matter because you want to be with her forever.

    You may want to think about it.

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    If you are planning to be unfaithful....then you dont love her. You dont hurt things that you love so why consider it. If you feel the urge to get some nookie, then you should really spare her the drama that will result if you cheat and she finds out. Sooooo give it a lot of thought before you do anything.l...good luck

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    when you love someone , you respect them and care for them beyond measures unconditionally . despite distance , especially if its distance that is reachable . Now if you know cheating is gonna hurt her why would you hurt the one you love ? why would you disrespect her and make a fool of her ? why ? just why? You are not in love eith her , you are in love with the idea of being in love and you are taking her fofr granted because you yourself are confused af. Sort out yourself and let the girl live a toxic free life.

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    i can't believe you would even ask this question...if you are willing to cheat on her (repeditavely) then you are NOT in love with her...i can see still being in love with her and making ONE mistake and not doing it again! but noooo dude, you need to tell her the truth and break it off cause that's horrible what you are doing to her! Anddd are you SERIOUS?! you're saying that YOU would be hurt if ya'll broke up??! remember said it yourself YOU"RE the one f****** cheating on her...

    i know you dread it...but you need to do what's right!

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