Please give advice about my resume.... ?

Objective: To secure a professional medical assistant position in a reputable medical facility where I can continue to develop and enhance my hands-on skills and knowledge in the medical field

Qualification Summary: Current CPR Certification

Completed and passed NCMA exam June 2006

Ability to work well under pressure

Excellent communication skills

Front and back office experience

Follows directions well and works well with minimum supervision.

Work Experience: Medical Receptionist, Internal Medicine

Mar.2007 – Sept 2007

Manually filling out requisition forms, verifying patient insurance eligibility & authorizations, maintaining patient charts and office equipment. Other duties including scheduling appointment, greeting patients, pulling and filing patient charts, calling in or faxing prescriptions and clarifying doctor’s instructions with a patient.

Medical Assistant, xxxxx xxxx xxxx

Nov 06 – Dec 06

Responsibilities cover recording vital signs on patients, preparing rooms and patients for examination by doctor, assisting during GYN procedures, performed pregnancy tests, preparing and sending out specimens for laboratory testing and scheduling appointments for office and out-patient procedures.

Sale Associate, xxxx, xxxx, CA

Nov 02 - Jan 03

Ensure the highest level of service is given to each customer.

Assist in product flow from stockroom to sales floor on a fill in basis.

Assist in the development of displays of merchandise and follow suggestions and schedules provided by the store management team.

Ensure integrity is maintained through attention to policy and procedure.

Greet customers in the store and assist them in finding the right product.

Education: Institute Business And Technology, xxxxx Certified in Medical Assisting,


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    I develop resumes and cover letters for individuals on a weekly basis, this is one of the many services I offer.

    One of the details I noticed when reviewing your resume is that you did not hold your positions for a long period of time and there are gaps in your employment. You do not list what employer you worked for during the periods of time that you listed your job duties and/or experience. Were all of the positions held with the same employer? Also, it is hard to determine what type of formating you are using to construct the resume. The format above is not in a resume format, this may be due to the limited formating that can be used in yahoo answers. In addition, you need to strengthen your job duties by using key words that indicate that you had more extensive job duties than listed in your resume.

    Please do not take my answer to heart, I am just giving you my honest professional expertise in the area. If you have access to microsoft word or can accept attachments in PDF format, I would be more than happy to email you some templates you can use to create your resume. In addition, I can provide you with some key words that you can institute in place of other words that you have used. The key words are what catch a prospective employers eye when reviewing resumes.

    If you wish you can add additional details to your question or if you prefer you can email me and I can send you attachments of sample resume and templates that will ensure that you sell your experience, skills and education.

    Best wishes.

    Source(s): 12+ years specializing in HR
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    Your gaps in employment and very short work durations stand out. Otherwise I think it's good.

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